Risk management in leasing

Leasing companies are under constant pressure to meet the rising requirements of ever changing business models and market forces. But also legal supervision requirements have become a central topic in the leasing market. To face these challenges, leasing companies need to build an efficient risk management. The minimal requirements for risk management (MaRisk) are just the beginning. Credit risks, operational risks of liquidity risk shifted into the focus of companies.

Under the control of Marijan Nemet (Deloitte & Touche), a renowned professional from the leasing area, a new book that covers this topic has been published. Specialists from all areas of leasing, like leasing companies, accountants and specialized consultants contributed to shed some light into risk management. In addition to that, a writer form the Bundesbank participated in the creation of this book.

Kai Braunert from S&N AG (Consulting for leasing companies) is also involved in this book. He wrote about the practical  organization of liquidity risk management. His contribution deals with methods of application for structuring the liquidity risk management, to meet the supervision requirements efficiently and fulfill the economical necessities.

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