Facts and Figures

Name S&N AG
Address Klingenderstraße 5
  33100 Paderborn
Foundation 1991, 1999 Conversion in AG (not listed)
Share capital 1,035 Mio. €
Executive board Josef Tillmann, CEO, chairman
  Uwe Bröker, vice chairman
  Horst Merschjohann, member of the board
  Hans Jürgen Busch, member of the board
Supervisory board Dipl.-Ing., MBA Markus Beverungen (Chairman)
  Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels
  Georg Mescheder
Branches Parsberg, Eschborn (Rhein Main), Munich, Berlin


2012 New business models lay the foundation for further growth
2011 Moderate growth and consolidation of the new corporate structure
2010 Integration of SAP competence
  S&N grows up to more than 150 employees
2009 Successfully with good positioning in difficult markets
2008 Product credit decision in SOA - cooperation with renowned financial services providers
  Full responsibility for the output management of a large German bank
2007 Investment in the expansion of its product portfolio with well-known reference customers
  CETIS and WebAKT - solutions for cash handling in the banking and non banking
2006 Ophelos - Integrating technological and methodological experience in the use of Open Source
  Open source is "business ready" - business-critical solutions in the SOA with J2EE
2005 Ready-made solutions for the Financial Reporting with Oracle and Business Objects
  Basel II and MaRisk - Internal and External Reporting using Business Intelligence
2004 The processing and analysis of financial information with the integrated
  Products BARS / FABIAN becomes a strategic part of the S&N portfolio
2003 Technologies and business models of Open Source Middleware
  form the basis for the development of business-critical solutions
2002 Acquisition of stakes in the companies Amadeus IT, care, and it-ynes
  More than 100 employees in the S&N Group
2001 Successful introduction of e:business integration platform sunShine
2000 Competence Center for self-service banking and Open Source
1999 Conversion into a non-listed AG, participation of employees in the capital
1998 Product Development "one-person branch / served self-service"
1996 netBank multi-channel platform for the distribution of financial products
1995 CoIN (Commercial Interchange Network). First concept of a B-to-B marketplace
1993 Design, implementation, rollout of the IT infrastructure for the branches of a large German bank
1991 Creation and launch of the business as a GmbH company with 7 employees