Vision and Mission

Vision und Mission

S&N has set goals that originate in a powerful vision. The mission statements have to apply equally to customers, employees, and partners.

Through convincing solutions, agile processes and responsible actions we seek to become the leading IT partner for the exchange and processing of financial information.

We develop the future. In order to be successful for our clients in difficult markets on a long-term basis we continuously re-evaluate our strategic position - our mission.

  • Combining industry and technology know-how
    We are successful by combining our know-how of the financial industry with strong technological innovation. This would not be possible without the very special quality of our employees at S&N. Our continuous and systematic improvement and the quality of our customer orientation is lived by all employees as part of our corporate culture.
  • Understanding and optimizing processes
    We understand our customers' processes as well as the overall system of value chains. Finance management is one of the core competencies of our company. By taking into account the different distribution channels from automated and manual financial decisions to transaction processing and OBJEKTVERWERTUNG we understand processes in a holistical manner and create optimized IT solutions. 
  • Finishing projects
    A particular focus of our work lies on the individual development of solutions. We take care of the entire project life cycle. We take advantage of a process-oriented, innovative development methods and lead projects to the finish. We achieve results that meet and even exceed our customers' expectation in terms of performance, time and budget.
  • Shaping solutions to products
    Our projects in the financial management field lead to solution that more often than not go beyond just meeting the specific customer needs and are of interest for the entire market. In this way we create innovative and proven solutions that easily integrate homogeneously into our company's product portfolio. We set a new standard for performance and efficiency of solutions for the acquisition, decision and execution of financing transactions.
  • Transferring industry know-how
    Our competence in the banking self-service is what makes us the ideal solutions provider for self-service system across all industries. The focus lies on cash transactions with deposit and withdrawal as well as the integration into business processes. Beyond that we have expertise in the area of using self-service systems as information and communication devices as cost-cutting measures. 
  • Best Practice - Using technology effectively
    The goal of technology goes beyond short-term economic advantages, but rather has to be evaluated with a view on the future viability and long-term investment security. S&N has a long-standing experience in selecting appropriate technologies and designing architectures through numerous successful projects. We focus on both service-oriented architectures using Open Source as well as JBoss components as well as market-leading products such as Oracle and SAP.