An IT infrastructure that serves your business

patch cableToday's competition demands a swift implementation of your business ideas.

You need a cost-effective IT infrastructure

Are you familiar with this problem? Your IT infrastructure consisting of inhomogeneous IT systems and platforms that have grown over time now inhibits innovation in your core business. The solution to this problem is a cost-effective IT infrastructure, which serves as the basis for a flexible, future-proof and process optimised application platform.

We optimise your workflow

Optimising your established IT infrastructure or reorienting it strategically requires the systematic approach of an independent and experienced IT service provider. Our certified ITIL service managers and architectural consultants will devise new concepts and optimise your workflow processes.

Make use of years of practice

Make use of the years of practice and experience that S&N has gained to establish an efficient IT infrastructure for your solutions. Whether you need IBM, Microsoft, Citrix, SAP, Oracle or open source technology, we will determine which solution is most beneficial to your system and assess the effect it will have on your system.

Active projects

Our active project work is characterised by the following 

  • Cost-reduction via thin-clients
  • Centralisation of operation
  • Controlling and monitoring of the bank-specific periphery
  • Reorganisation of the user help desk
  • Active monitoring of the operational availability of the application
  • Secure mobile computing
  • Establishment of a service oriented architecture
  • Out and in sourcing considerations
  • "Process portals" that serve as a "cockpit" for your business processes

Flexible implementation of your business ideas

S&N has the flexibility required when implementing your business ideas – providing you with the freedom you need