Credit / Balance WF

Logistics of financial information and loan granting processesistik von Finanzinformationen & Kreditprozess

Competence in solutions for the financing business

The financing industry requires a portfolio of integrated services and products for all areas of the loan granting and leasing businesses. Apart from our well-known professional competence, we employ cutting edge, future-oriented technology and market standards.

Integrated solutions for branches, mobile sales and e-business

We devise and implement highly integrated multi-channel sales solutions. Our spectrum ranges from specialised CRM and optimised office management to flexible web services for handling financing procedures. We optimise your IT based sales processes!

Swiftness and efficiency in the decision making process

spreadsheetSwiftness and efficiency are more and more becoming the decisive factors for competing in the financing sector. You will benefit from the processing expertise that we have gained through a multitude of projects, which means that we provide you with the best possible solution based on prefabricated building blocks. Automatic retrieval and evaluation of external information for ultra fast loan granting decisions and sophisticated risk analysis for complex engagements are all part of our range of solutions.

Processing, analysis and transfer of business data

You can optimise crucial elements of the financial information supply chain with our balance and reporting system (BARS) and its complementary product FABIAN (FAst Balance Import and ANalysis). An abundance of renowned financial services providers have already deployed our solutions and have proved their effectiveness, productivity and flexibility.

MAK and Basel II compliant methods and solutions

The minimum requirements of the credit business and Basel II make up the general framework for projects and solutions. From sophisticated risk assessment (portfolio, partners, and objects) to LGD-adjusted method calibration, we not only take over the analysis, consulting and conceptual design of a solution, but also commit ourselves to making them economical and future-proof.