New ways - self-service for e-business

Why integration leads to excess value

Based on the extensive experience in financial services, system integration and process optimisation, S&N develops innovative concepts, products and solutions for the deployment and integration of self-service systems within companies.

New technologies

cash machineBased on state-of-the-art technology, our e-business solutions integrate self-service systems into your processes and system architecture. By supporting and optimising business processes, you generate excess value while at the same time reducing costs.

Multiple fields of application

The fields of application are highly diversified, ranging from self-service solutions for a company's employee who does not have access to desktop PC's, connecting ATM's to the company's administration services that move large amounts of money, to supplying specialised, virtual information desks and service centres for public terminals, e.g. in the health care sector and public transportation.
Our offer is rounded off by service and consulting activities that comprise banking, company-internal, technical and organisational aspects and requirements.