Newsletter Edition 35 - November 2010

BARS successfully started in Austria

Our product BARS is used in Austria since September 3rd, 2010. The Raiffeisen land banks in Lower Austria / Vienna, Burgenland, Styria and Vorarlberg, as well as all associated Raiffeisen banks, are now using BARS for the statement analysis of their corporate clients. The changeover was realized as a „Big Bang“. On September 1st, the old system named “KUBA” was shut down. On the next day, the complex migration and recalculation of over 42.000 statements started, so BARS could launch on…[mehr]

insTRA – for efficient insurance management

insTRA was developed in close collaboration with one of the largest company-bound agents and enhanced in functions ever since. Of course, the requirements of other customers have been implemented as well. Therefore, we can offer insTRA 4.0 as a comprehensive standard solution for the industrial business and corporate insurances. inTRA is a SAP Add-on and can be integrated seamlessly in existing SAP environments. This has the advantage that it uses already existing SAP master data. Redundant data…[mehr]

Financing decision within the focus of optimization

The financial sector was flooded with new challenges in the last years. Not only is there a lowered demand on investment financings and a harsh situation in the refinancing market but also now one has to deal with stricter rules of supervision, imposed by the government. Cost-reducing steps as well as new markets are needed. An important starting-point is the optimization of the decision process for financing, which is an integral part for many banks and leasing-companies’ business. It doesn’t matter…[mehr]

S&N is a sustaining member in VDBUM

The VDBUM is the biggest special interest group of construction-equipment engineers and professionals in Germany. Its emphasis is on the deliverance of technical, economical and organizational solutions. S&N AG will continue to support it with its innovative products. The VDBUM represents its members in all professional inquiries. The members are construction-equipment engineers and professionals from the same sector or the automobile industry. The headquarters in Bremen/Stuhr and 17 bases in Germany…[mehr]

fleet@insTRA relies on the Knowhow of its customers and its network

Through intensive and cooperative work, we are able to offer a fleet management solution that goes beyond the simple management of cars and vans; it is also designed for everyday use. Effective fleet management also for commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons One year ago, S&N AG became a sponsoring member of VDBUM. Since all known manufacturers of commercial vehicles are also members of VDBUM, it has become the ideal forum to present our fleet management to. We can also benefit from their experience…[mehr]

Quality management for IT-services – perceived as a whole

The most important benchmark for quality is customer satisfaction – this is true for software solutions as well as for providing IT solutions. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines the standard for software providers. Even at the early stage of service-design, all responsible employees from the development department and the IT-administration must be involved in the process. S&N considers these aspects under the reference „Application Management” within the Value Chain Guidance. With Application…[mehr]

Quality and Test-management in the telecommunications industry

The challenge The market and the customers are in a constant and fast flow. The technological gaps for new products and services become shorter and smaller. But even under such time pressure, the quality of development must not suffer. The expansion of telecommunication companies into new countries and markets contributes even further to this. Based on the very positive experience of S&N AG in development projects, we are able to progressively station ourselves in the field of quality management…[mehr]

CETIS-CH in use as a court cashier

Another industry can now take advantage of the automation of conventional cash systems with CETIS-CH. In some states, the conventional court cashier has been enhanced with self-service systems. The medium term is to replace the whole cash service with a self-service system. Another industry can now take advantage of the automation of conventional cash systems with CETIS-CH. In some states, the conventional court cashier has been enhanced with self-service systems. The medium term is to replace the…[mehr]

Workshop: Risk bearing ability in leasing

After the booklet about the calculation of risk bearing by the German association of leasing companies (BDL) has been finished and made available to member associations, the next step is to give other leasing companies a better understanding of the different methods to calculate risk bearings. Therefore, the BDL holds a workshop where the consulting team of S&N AG will teach different approaches to calculate and build a listing of risk management. Together with our partner company Inveos, we will…[mehr]

Best Practice in Output Management

Individual and batch-print are the central elements of Output Management. Both have very different requirements in terms of performance and consistency. This makes it hard to create an integrated solution. On September 29th, 2010, Carsten Butzbach from S&N AG, presented the most recent possibilities of document formations on the Assentis Executive Briefing in Frankfurt. In his lecture he will use the case study of a German major bank to show the compatibility of individuality and high performance. The…[mehr]

Risk management in leasing

Leasing companies are under constant pressure to meet the rising requirements of ever changing business models and market forces. But also legal supervision requirements have become a central topic in the leasing market. To face these challenges, leasing companies need to build an efficient risk management. The minimal requirements for risk management (MaRisk) are just the beginning. Credit risks, operational risks of liquidity risk shifted into the focus of companies. Under the control of Marijan…[mehr]