fleet@insTRA relies on the Knowhow of its customers and its network

Through intensive and cooperative work, we are able to offer a fleet management solution that goes beyond the simple management of cars and vans; it is also designed for everyday use.

Effective fleet management also for commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons

One year ago, S&N AG became a sponsoring member of VDBUM. Since all known manufacturers of commercial vehicles are also members of VDBUM, it has become the ideal forum to present our fleet management to. We can also benefit from their experience and their requirements to enhance and improve our solution for companies with a fleet of commercial vehicles.

With our products fleet@insTRA and additional SAP modules like SAP PM and SAP MM we are already able to offer not only fleet management but also additional requirements like the representation of maintenance for commercial vehicles. This raises the value chain, because it offers continuous information and decision support for optimizing the fleet.

With this you can optimize maintenance appointments and order the needed materials in time. A complete history over the maintenance and repair costs helps you to decide whether you want to keep the vehicle after the leasing contract runs out or if you want to sell it/give it back.

Our longtime customer, the Max Bögl GmbH & Co. KG, which is also in the board of VDBUM, is one of the biggest building companies in Germany which runs the system and helped us for many years with our products insTRA and fleet@insTRA. We will gladly make contact for you, to learn about these processes on-site.

fleet@insTRA uses future-proof SAP technology

fleet@insTRA will not only be constantly enhanced in its features, but also in the newest SAP technologies. Thus, our browser based SAP Add-on has been ported from Java to Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A). This gives you a lot of advantages in handling and also eases implementing features.

Useful enhancements by connecting additional solutions of our partners

The active management of a fleet is more than just handling the vehicles. An important requirement is the driver’s license test, which can already be managed manually with fleet@insTRA. With an electronic driver’s license test, one can heavily reduce the work for large fleets. For this, a RFID-Chip will be placed on the driver’s license and needs to be scanned into readers by the driver, so that fleet@insTRA can document the data.

You can save massive costs for gas, wear parts and insurance policies with MDlog. This box logs journey data like actual fuel consumption vs. rated consumption, driving style (brake force, drive, etc.) and CO2-exhaust, and can be effortlessly connected to the Can Bus.

Often, car-configurators according to the car policy of a company are a sensitive issue. We offer a solution from our partner e:c:car, that also includes the most recent configurations of manufacturers.

We are looking forward to your request and would like to show you the many functions in person.