Quality and Test-management in the telecommunications industry

For many years, the S&N AG has been successful in the development and quality assurance of internet applications and company portals for different branches of the project business.

The challenge

The market and the customers are in a constant and fast flow. The technological gaps for new products and services become shorter and smaller. But even under such time pressure, the quality of development must not suffer. The expansion of telecommunication companies into new countries and markets contributes even further to this.

Based on the very positive experience of S&N AG in development projects, we are able to progressively station ourselves in the field of quality management tasks.

The portfolio

In the context of quality and test management tasks, the S&N AG takes over the entire administration for the security of the product. The planning and coordination of the tests with the required subprojects, the determination of the test cases, load and stress-tests, code and architecture reviews, GUI and interface tests: we can offer our customers all this from one source.

A three-layered test cycle is always recommended:
Operation test, integration test and verification test (User Acceptance Test), which will be run on dedicated system environments ideally.

Above all, the support with existing tools is needed. The administration of defined test cases must be accessible for all project members to ensure that even external project members can be integrated into the quality process.

Every project leader must be able to get a central access to overview the current test cycles of the modules he is in charge for. The different test cycles will be matched between the test manager and the according project leader. A shared definition of the appointments and their compliance are very important for a good test management.

Automated tests

To optimize the tests and reduce costs, the use of tools that will check different test cases automatically is recommended. This ensures that certain functions will always be checked visually and function-wise with the same level of detail.

Automated testing-tools are often used for interface and stress-tests. In the stress-tests you can simulate many users and processes, the controlling and coordination happens centrally. This allows you to create specific peaks to analyze the effects of the whole system. A centralized logging analyzes the results and thus gives you the opportunity to derive system changes from it.

The S&N AG has premium competences in quality management. It is our duty to deliver products, which excel in quality and cleanness.

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