Newsletter Edition 36 - March 2011

Automated cash deposit with CETIS CH in transport and logistics companies

In companies from the transport and logistics industry, large amounts of cash are collected every day by employees in external working environment, such as the conductors in train companies, drivers and supervisors in public transport or by the delivery drivers for parcel services,  freight forwarding or by mail services. The cash amounts that are moving here are by no means declining: Both the money supply and the number of transactions that are settled in cash increases continuous. The logistical…[mehr]

CETIS CH at Wincor World

Once again this year Wincor Nixdorf invited people to its annual in-house exhibition, the Wincor World, in Paderborn. S & N as a longtime partner in Cash Solutions of Wincor Nixdorf was also prominently represented this year. The central focus of the exhibition was set on Wincor Nixdorf's presentation of the new device-family CINEO. S & N unveiled the latest version of CETIS-CH, a solution platform that , shortly after the launch of the CINEO system, is already able to use this new hardware technology…[mehr]

Web Device Controller

Innovative Control of desktop peripherals During the development of new applications or whilst expanding existing applications that are intended for use at branch offices, such as counter applications, there is an issue that is constantly in focus of the cost and risk analysis: The Control of peripheral devices. This applies not only to the standard printing output, but in banking it also applies to automatic teller safes (ATS), the passbook printer and various devices for reading cards (magnetic…[mehr]

Review CAS

The CAS application which processes credit decisions has now been successfully in operation in the GEFA for over a year. It’s worth reflecting on the experiences gained in a short review. With previous versions of the credit decision system valuable insights were gained, which were very helpful for the deployment of an application like CAS which has such a high importance for business processes. Despite intensive training, switching to a completely browser-based solution is always a challenge for…[mehr]

CAS module security

To make a funded credit decision for a customer it is essential to have a correct and timely assessment of all available collaterals. For the decision the coverage of the customer commitment by the collaterals is one of the key variables. On the one hand collaterals are assets in the commitment itself, on the other hand of course not directly associated with the transaction collaterals, so-called additional collaterals. To optimize the capital kept available for the loan portfolio, a precise determination…[mehr]

Increase of efficiency and cost reduction in complex financing commitments

The year 2011 heralds a year with a variety of new requirements for both leasing companies and banks. New regulations have already take effect since the beginning of the year and Basel III is already casting its shadow. S & N talked to Sieghard Wolf, head of the credit department with GEFA Gesellschaft für Absatzfinanzierung mbH, who demonstrates how in addition to the standard business, complex financial commitments can be structured more efficient. GEFA is part of the international Group SociétéGénérale…[mehr]

bfp Fuhrpark Forum

From 25th - 26th May one of the most important events for fleet managers takes place at the Nürburgring: The bfp Fuhrpark-FORUM. S&N AG will be present along with her longtime partner, the Modern Drive GmbH in a spacious booth. fleet@insTRA, the SAP add-on for fleet management and approved extensions for sustainable fleet management such as MDlog will be presented. Exorbitantly rising costs of fuel and wear and tear of parts, increasing policy stress and many other factors are forcing companies…[mehr]

The electronic file in insTRA

The electronic file is used for conditioning, processing and the storage of documents. It supports users through a variety of forms in input and output of documents in writing. Documents can be added from various sources to the electronic files by uploading. The electronic file is used in the areas of policy, registration, claims, policyholder and global correspondence. With the use of electronic files, our customers benefit in a number of ways: All documents are collected and managed in the…[mehr]

Claims Management in insTRA 4.0 via WEB application

Based on the new cutting-edge SAP technology, Web Dynprofor ABAP (WD4A), S&N has developed a web application that lets you design your personal optimal display and where damage claims can simply be included in insTRA. Existing authorization from your SAP system are utilized. The entry works through a web link that can be integrated into the intranet of your customers. A claim can simply be created by selecting  the division and the type of insurance the policy. Here only the relevant policy is shown,…[mehr]

Electronic commerce register - design relaunch in 2010

With the enactment of EHUG in 2007 the electronic commercial register was launched. Since then, all mandatory publications are, as well as the register information of the registered companies in Germany, available through the public Internet platform and accessible to everyone. In total there are about 3.5 million companies and 6 million publications in the system. High acceptance of the commerce register The popularity quickly led to an increasing number of users. Every month about 1.5 million…[mehr]