Automated cash deposit with CETIS CH in transport and logistics companies

Where cash is moved


In companies from the transport and logistics industry, large amounts of cash are collected every day by employees in external working environment, such as the conductors in train companies, drivers and supervisors in public transport or by the delivery drivers for parcel services,  freight forwarding or by mail services. The cash amounts that are moving here are by no means declining: Both the money supply and the number of transactions that are settled in cash increases continuous. The logistical challenge occurs after employees have completed their shifts or their external work and need to account for their daily receipts and store them securely.

In the classic setup there are two basic solutions: The Company maintains a dedicated drop-off teller manned by special staff where cash deliveries with receipts and billing can be made after hours or a solution which is unmanned with a drop safe and safe back facility where the money is secured but the paperwork problem remains unaddressed.

With the use of self-service systems significantly more can be achieved. The self-service solutions offer both the facility for qualified cash deliveries with integrated billing and the secure storage of the cash. The required capacity can be scaled as needed, because with CETIS-CH as a self-service application, a solution is available, which uses the entire hardware spectrum, from a small ATM to the very large self-service system, scaling uniformly from deliveries to the billing processes.

Basically this branch's business processes can be divided into two categories:

  • The simple cash delivery service can be used, when at the time of delivery a detailed billing with the delivering staff is not or only partially possible, since the corresponding data from other processes are not yet available. In this case, the delivery takes place in one sum, with or without specifying the deposit amount, and the overall process is limited to the counting, inspection and safe storage of the received money. The depositor will receive a generated receipt for the amount paid and the total process can be routed via any data exchange for post-processing activities.
  • If however, it is possible to integration with subsequent business processes, in which the collected cash will be booked, a much more integrated solution with a higher processing quality can be offered. After identifying the depositing employee the solution identifies all of their outstanding bills and proposes them for finalization. The combined processing of multiple transactions is supported. Also the assignment of revenue to outstanding bills via screen dialog is supported. After depositing, the transaction data is directly transferred to the relevant business operation for immediate processing. The accounting and administrative post-processing is done completely automatically.

Naturally in addition to the general functionality of cash depositing, it is also possible to extend the service facilities to assist your employees in many other ways:

Change supply

Field staff may require a change money supply, maintained by their company. By using the self-service machines very flexible concepts can be implemented: the self-service application administrates a "change account" for any employee to which they have limited free access. They are able to provide themselves with change as needed or deliver spare change to reduce their change stock. The central cash management system has a permanent overview of the staff's change stock in circulation.

Change supply

Even the traditional money exchange is supported in a comfortable manor. The employee selects the "change" they require, and buys it with the help of larger notes. Excess amounts are also paid back.

Reimbursement of claims, payment of subsequent claims

The company can also use the self-service devices to perform other accounting transactions which need to be settled with the employee in cash. Thus, additional claims, which for example result from the shift accounting, can be presented as automatically prescribed deposit requests to the employee or reimbursements, payments will be refunded in cash automatically e.g. because of expense reports or other advance payments.

More service for all employees

Independence of opening times

The cash services are available to the employees any time they are required. By handling their invoices personally they are no longer tied to opening times.

up-to-date settlements

To get an overview of open accounts, claims, payments, etc. , the employee is no longer dependent on the support of colleagues "from the checkout ". The information is available to him at any time through the self-device.

Optimization of cash flows

The billing staff is optimally led through the process of his billing. Comfort features facilitate the execution and accelerate the process.

Reducing the vulnerability to errors

Miscounting and counter checking are redundant. The entire procedure becomes more "stressless " for the employees.

Continuous, integrated processes

By avoiding media breaks, for example by eliminating the manual effort involved in determining the settled amount, as well as by the immediate booking and billing preparation downstream back-office areas are relieved.

Relief of cash desk and service points

The cash management and cash handling for back-office employees can be omitted, which reduces stress and increases the safety of the affected employees.

Support for the demand management

Through the integration of cash delivery and route accounting the demand management is relieved because instant information on the expected cash flow is available.

Safety and economy

Cash differences are effectively avoided, since settlement and delivery represent a holistic process. A complete logging and journaling also ensures transparency.

Safe storage without effort

As self-service devices not only contain the required functionality for processing but also a safe for the storage of cash there is no refilling or emptying required before or after business hours. The service is effectively always available.

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