CETIS CH at Wincor World

CETIS CH auf der Wincor World

Once again this year Wincor Nixdorf invited people to its annual in-house exhibition, the Wincor World, in Paderborn. S & N as a longtime partner in Cash Solutions of Wincor Nixdorf was also prominently represented this year.

The central focus of the exhibition was set on Wincor Nixdorf's presentation of the new device-family CINEO. S & N unveiled the latest version of CETIS-CH, a solution platform that , shortly after the launch of the CINEO system, is already able to use this new hardware technology and to fully support it. This was demonstrated by means of some CETIS-CH-based business applications, with emphasis on the transport and logistics industry, where the ATM's of the Series 4060, as well as the Recycling-ATM of the series 6030 demonstrated innovative cash-processes. To complete the picture, CETIS is one of the few platform solutions that is also able to combine devices from different hardware series to a universal solution, such as presented on the exhibition by a combination of coin-recycling systems from commerce area with CINEO notes Recyclers. This flexibility provides the foundation to offer hardware configurations in customer projects as required.

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