Electronic commerce register - design relaunch in 2010


With the enactment of EHUG in 2007 the electronic commercial register was launched. Since then, all mandatory publications are, as well as the register information of the registered companies in Germany, available through the public Internet platform and accessible to everyone. In total there are about 3.5 million companies and 6 million publications in the system.

High acceptance of the commerce register

The popularity quickly led to an increasing number of users. Every month about 1.5 million publications and 15,000 registration documents are retrieved. To meet the growing demands, by the middle of 2010 a new design was created and implemented and migrated to the new platform by S&N AG.

New layout and revised user guide

A cleaner user interface and a redesigned layout made the search for business information even easier and more efficient. The search masks for the detailed search of each type of publication were revised and adapted into the new design. Extensive hit lists can be narrowed through a new filter function. Additionally, the relevance sorting allows a rapid identification of the desired information. Throughout the whole operating range, the navigation was facilitated and detailed help texts were added.

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