The electronic file in insTRA

The electronic file is used for conditioning, processing and the storage of documents. It supports users through a variety of forms in input and output of documents in writing.

Documents can be added from various sources to the electronic files by uploading. The electronic file is used in the areas of policy, registration, claims, policyholder and global correspondence.

With the use of electronic files, our customers benefit in a number of ways:

  • All documents are collected and managed in the electronic file
  • Access to documents in the file system with the Business-Document-Navigator
  • For each process step the appropriate forms can be displayed
  • Standardized templates for the correspondence are available
  • Sending of the documents e.g. via E-mail
  • An interface to MS-Word ™ extends the capabilities of correspondence

Documents are generated in insTRA with templates stored  in the Business Document Server (BDS). The electronic file of insTRA accesses these templates and replaces the wildcards while generating a document (field names from a field catalog) from the template with information from insTRA.

Via Customizing the various insTRA modules and various documents are set up. The electronic file contains many features and settings that ensure a high level of user friendliness and increase user acceptance:

  • Elektronische Akte 1Support of the barcode-workflow (early saving / deferred post-processing)
  • Direct documents upload
  • Export documents
  • Integration of the Outlook plug-in
  • Template Archiving
  • Document Search
  • Sorting and shifting possibilities for documents

The folder structures are also set up individually via customizing per insTRA module. Templates are still managed and stored in the Business Document Navigator. The calling of a template works via the context menu. Subsequent to editing the document, it is directly transferred to the connected archive system and displayed in the electronic file.

Archiving documents with barcode

Documents available in non-electronic form, can be scanned and marked for identification with a barcode. Here a link to a bar code of a scanned document is created with insTRA. With Barcode-Workflow different processes can be enforced, which have previously been designed with our customers.

Continuous development is ensured

Due to the high acceptance and inspiring feedback and suggestions from our customers, we will continue to develop the electronic file and constantly improve the functionality and usability. This tool from insTRA, considerably simplifies daily work and helps to save valuable time and improves the level of service e.g. through a faster and better information provisioning.