Review CAS

Erfahrungsbericht CAS

The CAS application which processes credit decisions has now been successfully in operation in the GEFA for over a year. It’s worth reflecting on the experiences gained in a short review.

With previous versions of the credit decision system valuable insights were gained, which were very helpful for the deployment of an application like CAS which has such a high importance for business processes. Despite intensive training, switching to a completely browser-based solution is always a challenge for the end-user. When the first contacts were made using the new system, the positive aspects of this architecture quickly came to light. In particular, the availability of all data with one click from any desktop (including the Home-Office) and the timeliness of the information is greatly appreciated.

And your appetite can increase while eating: the processes work well and have easily adopted. Overall the system runs very smoothly and there is room for new functionality, like the integration of additional processes on the portal platform. These requirements are now being continuously assessed and developed by a GEFA and S & N team and released to users at regular intervals.

Contact: Olaf Port; Turn on Javascript!