Claims Management in insTRA 4.0 via WEB application

SAP NetWeaver

Based on the new cutting-edge SAP technology, Web Dynprofor ABAP (WD4A), S&N has developed a web application that lets you design your personal optimal display and where damage claims can simply be included in insTRA. Existing authorization from your SAP system are utilized. The entry works through a web link that can be integrated into the intranet of your customers.

A claim can simply be created by selecting  the division and the type of insurance the policy. Here only the relevant policy is shown, where the premium interval fits the damage for the selected date and the selected division respectively.


Individual creation of masks

The masks can be developed with respect to the requirements. Only the fields that are needed in the division and / or type of insurance are displayed. Yes / no questions can be configured with mandatory additional fields or even with masks.

insTRA Schadenanlage

The structure can be context-sensitive: If the checkbox is marked and it is the logic "if so, then" or "if not, then" then the associated input field is visible and shown as a possible mandatory field ready for input.

Damage copy function

In the web application a copy functionality has also been implemented. You can for example copy an existing damage, which was created as a liability loss, as a fully comprehensive damage. This saves a double entry of data and a lot of time.


Damage claim additional documents

If documents need to be added to the claim, you can simply use the button "Upload Files" to add them. The document name and a comment can be added to the selected folder in which the documents are to be placed. By clicking the button "OK" these documents are then assigned to the electronic file in insTRA damage claim.

Duplicate check for claims

In the web application, a doublet check can be activated via the customizing settings, which checks the damage has not already been created in an insTRA object, for example, to the same line of business, type of insurance, type of damage, place of damage, event date of the damage. Thus, the double claim of the damage is not overlooked.

Building initial reserves

A further simplification is the damage calculation. Setup via a customizing table you can determine, whether a "fixed " or "editable" initial reserve is created automatically in claims registrations.

Anlage schwebender Schäden

In the web application it is also possible to detect damage 'floating'. This means that you can enter damages in insTRA that still need to be checked and edited by the responsible staff. Of course, an email notification to other users can be setup.

Our new web application is especially designed to cope with a high volume of claims easing the daily work, reducing training time it can be tailored to the specific requirements of a company - a big advantage for companies with a decentralized structure and a high employee base.