Newsletter Edition 37 - September 2011

Record of consultation – high quality and individualised

The trade in securities is regulated by the Securities Trading Act (WpHG) and is subject to strict regulations influenced by world economic trade and consumer protection. The new German Act on Notes from issues of identical debt securities (SchuldverschreibungsG) of 31 July 2009 (BGBl I p. 2512) led to far-reaching changes. Since 1 January 2010 all companies providing securities trading services are obliged to create a written record of every investment consultation provided to a retail banking…[mehr]

Regulators stifle innovations

Nowadays, private banks are faced with the need to distinguish themselves by innovative approaches to consultation and portfolio management. Tight budgets and rising expenses make it difficult for private banks to implement regulatory requirements. S&N: Mr. Tanner, with which project topics are asset managers and private banks currently dealing? Urs Tanner: Private banks currently invest about 80 per cent of their project budgets in the implementation of regulatory requirements. The agenda of projects…[mehr]

CAS and Rating – A very close relationship

Credit decisions in line with costs and margins A credit decision system such as CAS (Credit Approval System) generates a decision on the granting of credit in line with costs and margins in the shortest possible time and thus supports the manual process in the best possible way. The assessment of a customer's creditworthiness is indispensable for arriving at a decision about a customer. An essential aspect of the creditworthiness assessment of a customer in the context of a credit request is the…[mehr]

Partnership with Cassiopae

S&N AG, a Paderborn-based company, and the French IT company Cassiopae have established a partnership to better position the software solution marketed under the same name, Cassiopae, on the German and European market with the support of S&N's project experience. This software product offers a comprehensive, web-based solution for the management of financing transactions. Cassiopae is the leading global supplier of asset finance software. The company was founded more than 20 years ago and currently…[mehr]

IT solution for asset finance with Cassiopae and S&N

Cassiopae, a web-based software for the management of financing transactions (leasing, credit, hire purchase, etc.) manages all necessary contract information and optimises all process related to it. Starting with contract negotiations all the way to the termination of the contract: Cassiopae provides support for conclusion of the contract, contract documentation, administrative matters, disbursements, generation of invoices, interest payments, debt collection as well as for supplementary legal…[mehr]

Be prepared for the future

"Bank & Zukunft" – Mega trends and lighthouse projects The financial crisis, with its repercussions still noticeable today, as well as the resulting economic conditions and mega trends (such as demographic change, technological progress and increasing interconnectivity; to mention but a few), present banks with mounting challenges. In order to pursue their aim to position themselves vis-à-vis current competitors or new entrants into the market of financial services banks must use more flexible mechanisms…[mehr]

insTRA at the Friedhelm Loh Group

Since January 2011 the Friedhelm Loh Group is working successfully with insTRA The Friedhelm Loh Group is another high-performance customer of S&N AG that employs the SAP add-on in its insurance management. Growing demands on the insurance department The rapid growth of the group and continuously new demands, such as the introduction and expansion of the business of insuring the private risks of employees, and the insurance brokering services of affiliated companies continuously presented new…[mehr]

S&N supports Schneider Electric in their SAP roll-out in China

A Chinese-speaking S&N consultant with international project experience and cultural competence coordinated the go live phase and other processes on location. In the past, S&N AG has proved to be a reliable partner for SAP services at all times - also on an international level. In this regard the spectrum ranges from an SAP roll-out and SAP maintenance to consolidation or even other assignments. The following example shows that in doing so, S&N AG is able to provide many years of intercultural experience…[mehr]

fleet@insTRA with WD4A

fleet@insTRA 2.0 – the SAP add-on for efficient car park management is now available with the latest technology As a long-time SAP partner, S&N AG decided to make use of the numerous opportunities provided by the new WD4A SAP development environment and to provide further benefits to its customers. Below are some of the highlights of our revised solution. SAP integration Owing to SAP integration in SAP HR and the SAP equipment base, you can continue to use the efficient integration of tried and…[mehr]

Review of the bfp Fuhrpark Forum

S&N again participated this year in the bfp Fuhrpark Forum (bfp car park forum) and was able to register an increase in interest in the SAP add-on for fleet management, fleet@insTRA. In this year, the Fuhrpark Forum also offered a special focus on the issue of "green" car parks. Here we were able to offer - by means of Modern Drive and MD Log - a solution for the recording of travel data consisting of a particularly interesting combination of sustainable car park management and significant possibilities…[mehr]