IT solution for asset finance with Cassiopae and S&N

Cassiopae, a web-based software for the management of financing transactions (leasing, credit, hire purchase, etc.) manages all necessary contract information and optimises all process related to it.

Starting with contract negotiations all the way to the termination of the contract: Cassiopae provides support for conclusion of the contract, contract documentation, administrative matters, disbursements, generation of invoices, interest payments, debt collection as well as for supplementary legal contract information. Cassiopae is an integrated and comprehensive system which enables you to render your asset finance processes asset finance more efficiently and to improve your data quality.

Installed more than 90 times in more than 30 countries

Cassiopae was conceived for international use right from the start. With its multilingual user interface, multiple currency capability and client capability, the system is currently being successfully applied worldwide by more than 90 businesses in more than 30 countries.

Cassiopae Software Features

The functional scope and flexibility of Cassiopae make it possible to process and administrate highly diverse finance products and contract models. At the same time the system remains easy to handle and secure in its operation, irrespective of the complexity of the product or contractual structures. Your processes become more efficient, your costs are reduced and at the same time you improve the quality of the services you deliver to your customers.

Cassiopae's manifold possibilities in regard to administrative functions as well as the flexible steering of work flows offer scope to further optimise your organisation and work processes. The configurable events administration makes it possible to structure your business processes in a need-oriented and flexible manner.

Integrated accountancy for international standards

The integrated accounting function supports all common international accountancy standards, such as IFRS, and makes it possible to reflect the various applicable local tax systems. In addition, the system controls open and flexible interfaces to facilitate homogeneous integration into your specific system and solution environments. If necessary, certain function areas contained in Cassiopae, e.g. accountancy, administration of partner data or payment transactions, can also be connected and processed by means of your tried and trusted systems via the available interfaces.

Full view of your customers and transactions

Cassiopae enables you to fully document and manage your customer relations, starting from a casual inquiry of a customer to the ensuing processing of a single transaction. The system provides at all times a full overview of your customers' commitments, spanning the full range from an individual customer via associated companies to groups of companies. A simple mouse click will give you a structured overview of the specific features of the contractual relation or the details of the administered capital.

With these features, Cassiopae is not only a solution for optimal management of processes in connection with your financing transactions, but also provides online information on the current status and development of your business at any time and adapted to your needs.

Cassiopae and S&N - a powerful partnership

The partnership of Cassiopae and S&N combines the advantages of a tried and trusted, efficient product with the long-standing project experience of S&N. In close consultation with Cassiopae's product specialists, S&N will manage the project for you in a holistic and professional manner, starting with an analysis of your requirements and go on to do the project planning, customising and system integration, including the introduction of the system, and the provision of operator training and continuous operational support.

S&N's challenge and mission is to achieve overall project success in compliance with your time and budget specifications. This is what we stand for. Benefit from the efficiency generated by the strong partnership of Cassiopae and S&N.


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