Record of consultation – high quality and individualised

The trade in securities is regulated by the Securities Trading Act (WpHG) and is subject to strict regulations influenced by world economic trade and consumer protection. The new German Act on Notes from issues of identical debt securities (SchuldverschreibungsG) of 31 July 2009 (BGBl I p. 2512) led to far-reaching changes.

Since 1 January 2010 all companies providing securities trading services are obliged to create a written record of every investment consultation provided to a retail banking customer. The contents of the record of consultation must comply with the statutory minimum requirements and the specifications of the financial institution.

A high quality record of consultation, adapted to each individual client, enables the financial institution to demonstrably provide information and enhance customer loyalty. Of course the applicable risk class, recommendations and current conditions are part of the information.

To implement this requirement, S&N uses the high-performance document management system of Assentis Technologies AG. With DocFamily the substantive aspects of the customer document can be processed and released by different departments. The layout and ways of customer address are processed directly by the specialist department. The legal passages are processed by the legal department, and the release is done on the basis of a defined work flow.

During, or sometimes even after the consultation, the high quality record of consultation is produced immediately on the basis of the information gained during the interview and handed to the customer or sent to him/her automatically by email, mail or fax or statement printer. This also serves to ensure fast and flexible adjustment of the record of consultation for long-term use.

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