insTRA at the Friedhelm Loh Group


Since January 2011 the Friedhelm Loh Group is working successfully with insTRA

The Friedhelm Loh Group is another high-performance customer of S&N AG that employs the SAP add-on in its insurance management.

Growing demands on the insurance department

The rapid growth of the group and continuously new demands, such as the introduction and expansion of the business of insuring the private risks of employees, and the insurance brokering services of affiliated companies continuously presented new challenges for the insurance department of the Friedhelm Loh Group; eventually the previous system was no longer able to cope with these tasks. The insurance department initiated an evaluation project for a new solution; in this context, several systems were tested. With the support of Loh Services, the central service provider of the Friedhelm Loh Group, insTRA, was selected.

FLG Unternehmenszentrale in Haiger
FLG Unternehmenszentrale in Haiger

„Mit unserer bisherigen Software konnten die steigenden Ansprüche der stark wachsenden Friedhelm Loh Group nicht mehr sicher gestemmt werden. Nach gründlicher Sondierung des Marktes haben wir uns für insTRA entschieden. Ein Grund für die Wahl war die enge Verzahnung mit unserer SAP-Welt sowie die ausgereifte Funktionalität der Lösung“, (With our previous software we were no longer able to safely meet the growing demands of the rapidly growing Friedhelm Loh Group. After thoroughly reviewing the market, we opted for insTRA. One reason for this decision was its close fit into our SAP world and the fully developed functionality of the solution) says Martin Zöller, Head of the Insurance Department at the Friedhelm Loh Group.

„Außerdem hatten wir während der Projektphase stets das Gefühl, mit S&N einen schnellen und flexiblen Partner gefunden zu haben.“ (In addition, we felt at all times during the project phase that S&N was a fast-responding, flexible partner.)

Further advantages of insTRA, according to Zöller, are its functionalities, such as the electronic file, effective damage management and real time analyses. Policies and premiums can now be managed and evaluated at a much faster and more transparent manner.

Record time implementation of insTRA

The Friedhelm Loh Group opted for the standard version of insTRA 4.0 because it already covered all customer needs in regard to insurance management software. Specific adaptations were not required. The software solution insTRA was implemented in only three months at the Friedhelm Loh Group. After a workshop at the end of September 2010, we were able to set the kick-off date already for October. Owing to the close and productive collaboration between the group’s insurance department and the project team of S&N and the careful project planning, it was possible to meet the dates right on time. The "go live" phase was implemented on 10 January 2011 according to schedule.

In doing so, the S&N AG consultants were mostly on site in Haiger, to install insTRA in accordance with the customer needs.

The Friedhelm Loh Group

The owner-managed Friedhelm Loh Group employs approx. 11,500 employees and expects a turnover of approx. EUR 2.2 billion for 2011. The company received the "Top Employer" distinction awarded by the independent CRF Institute for the third time running. The service spectrum of the group of companies ranges from being a worldwide leading system supplier for switchgear cabinets, distribution of electricity, air conditioning and IT infrastructure to being the European No. 1 in software solutions for mechanical and plant engineering as well as the for the industrial sector (Rittal International) and includes the consistent production ability for modern materials such as steel, aluminium and plastics (Lometal International). In the area of renewable energies, the Friedhelm Loh Group offers planning and consultation services as well full service of cogeneration units and photovoltaic systems. The family-owned business is active on a global scale with its 16 production locations, more than 60 international subsidiaries and 40 agencies.