fleet@insTRA with WD4A

fleet insTRA

fleet@insTRA 2.0 – the SAP add-on for efficient car park management is now available with the latest technology

As a long-time SAP partner, S&N AG decided to make use of the numerous opportunities provided by the new WD4A SAP development environment and to provide further benefits to its customers. Below are some of the highlights of our revised solution.

SAP integration

Owing to SAP integration in SAP HR and the SAP equipment base, you can continue to use the efficient integration of tried and tested processes and avoid redundant data or their time and cost consuming maintenance. You are able to determine upon entering a vehicle or a driver if these should be entered into the SAP master data or in separate database tables.

Technology migration to "WebDynpro for ABAP"

This innovation saves time and cost previously incurred by the installation and maintenance of e.g. the Java stack, and thus noticeably gains additional performance and stability. Owing to the new development environment extensions can be introduced even faster.

Modular structure

The modular structure presents a great advance. In this way we are also able to offer a basic installation even for small fleets, providing them with the secure knowledge that they are using a car park solution which will grow with their needs.

Individual adjustment of the user interface

With hardly any prior technical skills you will be able, for example, to hide or show individual input boxes or define them as mandatory input.
The ALV tables will enable you to display the information in individual views and to export them, e.g. to Excel, to hide columns, to sort and filter them, and to make use of many other functions.

Fleet categories

By means of customising, you can form fleet categories, which enable, for example, a specific display of the car park management system with the information per category that you require.

Pool car dispatch

This application determines the appropriate pool cars for the reservation requests and sorts the vehicles, for example, according to their availability, required features and locations.

insTRA integration

If you are also using our insTRA insurance management solution (another SAP add-on, also available in a .NET version), you can read data from there on damage, premiums and policies and display them in fleet@insTRA and save them with the vehicle data.


Numerous analyses, e.g. of costs per kilometre, per costs type or according to vehicle type, a leasing structure analysis and further analyses help to manage your car park efficiently at all times and to reduce costs.

The above-mentioned changes are only a small part of the improvements we made in the new version.