Newsletter Edition 39 - April 2012

Mobility - changes, challenges and opportunities

Changes start in the mind’s eye and only people with a degree of mental agility are able to get things moving. Apart from this basic requirement, there are two further categories relating to mobility; time and space. These are particularly important when the nature of our activity means that we need to be accessible anytime and anyplace.  Extensive use of mobile devices such as, for example, Smartphones in combination with social networks, is just one aspect of the "mobile transformation". The continually…[mehr]

CAS goes mobile

Sales representatives are being equipped with mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablet PCs. The advantages offered by these devices as compared to the classic notebook are quite obvious: they are light, very portable, offer good performance and are innovative.  This ensures that it is possible to operate immediately anytime and anyplace. However, the challenges for IT-infrastructure and software solutions should not be underestimated. Even if it is possible, in principle, to use conventional…[mehr]

New to CAS

Diagram of risk factors When it comes to financial decisions, the risk of a specific request frequently has to be assessed using the instalment plan in relation to the value over time of the objects to be financed. This is relatively simple in the case of linear instalment plans, but with more complex instalment plans with specific characteristics (e. g. summer and winter rates) it can be very hard to derive the figures from the instalment plan and evaluate the asset rating.  CAS - Credit…[mehr]

NFC - A new direction for “Mobile Payment/Banking”?

No signature, no pin input, and no change - an ideal, hygienic and cost-saving alternative for over-the-counter cash transactions. The vexed issue of cash management can thus be minimized in some areas and eliminated in the long term. “Near Field Communication” (NFC) is the process which allows customers to pay with a contactless cash card. The principle is simple: the contactless card is briefly held against a reader at the checkout and the corresponding debit data is exchanged via telecommunications.…[mehr]

CETIS Location Device Assignment

Dynamic peripheral devices in the mobile workplace Mobile, high-performance PC systems – in this case mainly netbooks and Tablet PCs - are fundamentally changing the way work is organised in a typical office environment. The use of these devices means that it is no longer necessary for an employee to conduct their IT-based activities in a fixed workplace. Thanks to wireless networking, their mobile front end for all applications allows them to move freely around the (office) space, without missing…[mehr]

“Mobile Insurance”: a snapshot

Mobility has not been an issue in the insurance industry for some time. We are all familiar with the insurance agent who makes home visits. Smartphones and Tablet PCs are now supporting and transforming this mobile presence. The mobile end user is also increasingly using apps or mobile internet. The strategic importance of “Mobility Solutions” is undisputed by insurers, as ultimately they need to gain competitive advantage. First and foremost are the mobile applications for sales and…[mehr]

Mobile loss claims

Modern systems such as the SAP add-on insTRA or insTRA.NET from S&N AG make it possible for company associated adjustors in public administrations and large companies to operate effective security management, manage policies, optimise bonuses and deal with claims management in a transparent manner. Optimisation of fault management through an online fault registration Every company has a different structure. The manufacturing industry has separate locations with a high concentration of personnel…[mehr]

From fleet manager to mobility manager

A rapid transformation in fleet management has taken place in recent years. The reasons for this lie in the dramatically increased costs of all aspects of maintaining a fleet of vehicles, the increased liability of the fleet managers, and the change from administrator to fleet manager. A poorly defined task area In the past managing fleet cars was often considered to be a peripheral activity. As a result, the fact that a lot of potential for savings was being overlooked was either not considered…[mehr]

FLL Team Epunkt e. flies to the World Festival in the USA

Epunkt e. has astonished everyone by winning first place in the overall assessment during the third round of the first LEGO League 2011/2012. This means they have qualified for the World Festival in St Louis (USA), held from 25–28 April 2012 and also the Open European Championship in Mannheim from 6–9 June 2012. This was a new experience for the boys and girls who presented their research and participated in a discussion about robot design in English. There were 24 teams from 8 countries…[mehr]

JBoss User Group OWL meeting

The first JBoss User Group - OWL meeting took place on 20 March 2012 at S & N in Paderborn, Germany.  Around 20 users of JBoss Technologies from different companies and industries met at the launch event. During the introductions, the importance of direct contacts at the regional level in an increasingly connected world was stressed repeatedly.  The main topic for the first meeting was the JBoss AS7/EAP6. In his presentation, Wolf Dieter Fink (RedHat) introduced: “JBoss AS7.x - the slightly different…[mehr]

New S&N branch in Eschborn

The S & N branch in Eschborn moved into new premises at the beginning of the year. We were happy to welcome some new staff to the Eschborn site and thus we needed a little more space. We are still in the area and have set up operations only few hundred metres away. At our new address - Mergenthalerallee 79-81 we can receive you in our new, spacious premises.  The telephone numbers are unchanged. You can still reach us on 06196/77996-0. Come and see us, we look forward to your visit. Contact: Horst…[mehr]