CAS goes mobile

Sales representatives are being equipped with mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablet PCs. The advantages offered by these devices as compared to the classic notebook are quite obvious: they are light, very portable, offer good performance and are innovative. 

This ensures that it is possible to operate immediately anytime and anyplace. However, the challenges for IT-infrastructure and software solutions should not be underestimated.

Even if it is possible, in principle, to use conventional web applications with these devices, the specific characteristics - in particular in the field of usability – mean that so-called apps are needed for efficient use of a number of specific local applications.

Apps for mobile terminals have meanwhile developed numerous areas of application. S&N has taken this development on board by providing mobile function modules for selling of financial services.

CAS – Credit Approval System

CAS is the modular and comprehensive software solution from the S & N Company for loan and lease financing advisory and decision-making processes. 

Analysis of the credit process

The analysis of mobile financial advisory services as well as the associated sales and decision-making processes that was carried out by S & N in collaboration with users, has identified a practical need for usable mobile functional areas. In order to optimally support mobile consultants in their daily activities, CAS-Mobile functional modules were implemented for managing appointments, partner search with localisation, viewing contracts and documents, as well as process-related notification facilities. The result is now available:



Appointment Manager

Appointment management from CAS-Mobile synchronises the internal CAS Appointment Manager with the mobile terminal. Appointments can be viewed, made and edited using the CAS-Mobile app. 

Synchronisation occurs in both directions so that all mobile changes are transferred to the central CAS Appointment Manager and are thus immediately visible on the intranet. The appointments can be transferred to the iPAD calendar app for read access.


Partner search with localisation

The search for partners in the central database and the clear display and localisation on a map is particularly useful for mobile customer care. With CAS-Mobile, the mobile customer advisor is always supported efficiently, whether in terms of preparation for the visit, optimum route planning or for unforeseen events during the visit. In terms of partner information, it is possible to display linked documents, request contract data and view existing information.

CAS Suche


Observe decisions

The close interconnection between CAS and CAS-Mobile allows the mobile employee to immediately obtain details of any back office decisions within CAS. The mobile consultant is therefore able to contact his customers immediately and, for example, discuss requirements or other relevant issues. 

Information is also signalled by Push notifications even when the consultant is not working with the CAS mobile app.


Viewing contracts

The possibility of accessing centrally-stored data means that the mobile consultant is able to obtain a detailed overview of all relevant contract data immediately and anywhere.

If additional information is provided at the client meeting, the financing application or contract can be supplemented accordingly using the mobile equipment.

The "Decision watch" function allows the consultants to observe a procedure, find out about its progress and be informed of any decisions, if necessary.

Access to corporate networks

The connection to CAS central data and services is naturally subject to specific security requirements. CAS-Mobile only carries out encrypted communication with CAS and does not store local data on the mobile device. (One exception is the optional integration of appointments with the iPAD calendar app)

CAS-Mobile-App communication takes place via an application firewall. This regulates and monitors access to the central systems on the intranet. A two-stage authentication process ensures that only authorised devices and users can gain access to the information.

Each device is personalised after the app is installed and needs to be unblocked by the administrator. If the device is lost, the administrator can immediately block access from the device.


From now on, during customer appointments, field representatives with CAS-Mobile will no longer need to rely on their notebook as they can access customer information, contract data and their personal appointments from more convenient devices, such as, for example, the iPad.

Using these devices instead of laptops creates a better atmosphere for discussion, as it is not device-dominated. This largely avoids interruptions to the discussion (e. g. slow “powering up”). 

Last but not least, these mobile devices will result in increased efficiency as well as considerable cost advantages due to the savings gained by not purchasing notebooks.

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