“Mobile Insurance”: a snapshot

Mobility has not been an issue in the insurance industry for some time. We are all familiar with the insurance agent who makes home visits. Smartphones and Tablet PCs are now supporting and transforming this mobile presence. The mobile end user is also increasingly using apps or mobile internet.


The strategic importance of “Mobility Solutions” is undisputed by insurers, as ultimately they need to gain competitive advantage. First and foremost are the mobile applications for sales and service. However, the market penetration of these solutions is extremely sluggish. 

Why is that?

Introducing agent or adviser apps requires changes to business and IT procedures. Only smooth integration into the total infrastructure will produce efficiency and quality. There is still a great deal that needs to be done here, and the industry is working very hard on this. 

However, many insurers shy away from investing in implementation and raise concerns about security and lack of user friendliness. These are valid points that are worth considering, however, they are not reasons for postponing the issue. 

The BiPRO industry initiative, a long-time member of S&N, is dealing with these questions and has defined standards for the use of mobile devices. Here S&N AG can offer interesting approaches based on experiences in other markets. We are always happy to provide you with further information.

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