Mobile loss claims

Modern systems such as the SAP add-on insTRA or insTRA.NET from S&N AG make it possible for company associated adjustors in public administrations and large companies to operate effective security management, manage policies, optimise bonuses and deal with claims management in a transparent manner.

Optimisation of fault management through an online fault registration

Every company has a different structure. The manufacturing industry has separate locations with a high concentration of personnel and machinery and fault management is normally dealt with centrally by appropriately qualified staff who log, document and handle faults. 

However, for commercial enterprises with a number of branches it is important that fault registration is decentralised e. g. performed by branch employees. As this does not happen very often, these employees must be provided with intuitive software tools, which guide them through the system when there is a fault. Once the installation has been completed, the data in the leading system is automatically transferred. This can be implemented using a browser-based solution from anywhere over the intranet or Internet.

With insTRA@web this kind of web-based fault system is available for insTRA and has already been successfully used by our customers.


Fault system using mobile devices

New technologies such as Tablet PCs or Smartphones and mobile data collection devices make it possible to capture and document faults directly on site.

Many new opportunities at the location of the fault emerge from this:

  • The faults can be captured immediately.
  • Photos, notes and much more can be recorded immediately and associated with the damage.
  • Incorrect information can be corrected.
  • The documentation does not have to be specifically recorded, logged and then sent. It is possible to transfer data immediately online over the mobile Internet to the server of the leading system. This can naturally be controlled precisely using permissions to prevent abuse.
  • In addition, for example, during a further inspection, the employee has all the documentation relating to the fault to hand without having to worry about paper documentation.

Only the components of the masks necessary for the fault management are used during the recording. Thus, recording on small screens like those of the Smartphone is usually possible.

Mobile terminals save time and money

The huge number of advantages will significantly expand the existing solutions within a short space of time, leading to a high degree of market penetration. There are already numerous manufacturers offering specific mobile recording devices for the most diverse applications, and the offer is increasing steadily.

There are also software providers offering specialised solutions using so-called apps and specific software programs. In recent years, S & N has also acquired a high degree of competence in implementing mobile applications as part of other projects.

The developments in this field will certainly continue to be exciting and offer many more advantages.