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Diagram of risk factors


When it comes to financial decisions, the risk of a specific request frequently has to be assessed using the instalment plan in relation to the value over time of the objects to be financed. This is relatively simple in the case of linear instalment plans, but with more complex instalment plans with specific characteristics (e. g. summer and winter rates) it can be very hard to derive the figures from the instalment plan and evaluate the asset rating. 

CAS - Credit Approval system - is the modular and comprehensive software solution for the loan and lease financing decision-making process from the S & N Company. CAS offers a new graphical representation of the value over time of the collateral, as well as the developing claim, taking the instalments into account. This representation on the time axis means that the risk factor is visible at a glance. 

Additional factors affecting the design of the specific financing enquiry can be derived from the clear presentation of information. In terms of the market, this could, for example, be an amendment to the term or down payment. In terms of the back office, this allows for more precise classification of the desired conditions.

The graphical representation of risk factors is an optional module within the CAS calculation module and is available now.

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