Application Management - Business orientation enables consistent value contribution

Application Management deals with the operation, maintenance and development of productive IT systems, based on the de facto standard ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library V3) used worldwide.

The objectives of classic application management are smooth operation, high availability service, cost reduction and customer satisfaction. The standardisation of the organisational processes and tasks in the operation allows tasks to be transferred to specialised service and support service providers. This makes possible the implementation of a number of optimisations, leading to a reduction in costs and expenses. 

Mere business orientation in application management is no longer sufficient to achieve high customer satisfaction. The need to respond ever more rapidly and with more flexibility to market requirements and innovations both with speed and efficiency to supply the customer requires a more comprehensive application management. With application development and application services in a single source, information about production performance, usability, customer wish lists and new innovations can be taken into account immediately. By means of consistent business orientation, value is contributed to the application and enables continuous adaptation to changing business requirements.


The inclusion of specialised service providers for successful application lifecycle services is supplemental to traditional application management. The service provider should have a greater competence in terms of the possible technologies and technical processes used by clients and should be well connected in the industry as well as involved in innovation processes. The design of a stronger business orientation, the cost effective further development of applications and the early integration of innovations requires good collaboration as partners, based on the commercial and long-term benefits for both. Partnerships in application lifecycle services can develop purely from the optimisation of costs for IT in the direction of a business enabler’s partnership.

With agile project models, defined key performance indicators and service level agreements, as part of its managed application lifecycle services, S&N supports its clients with all aspects of successful and sustainable value contribution to the applications. 


Proactive application management and innovation management form the basis for new ideas, prototypes, workshops and expansion proposals and are a part of S&N methodology and services. Financing forms part of innovation management, application enhancements and value contribution in the client’s business process.

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