Hosting/Service Providing for Cash Processes


A CETIS installation consists of at least two components: the self-service device and the CETIS server that drives the application. The web front end that provides administration and monitoring acts as the interface to the customised backend systems.

It is not necessarily always possible to install a new central system, such as the CETIS-server, for example, if this additional process may not or should not be included in the client’s internal network because of infrastructure and regulatory considerations.

In such cases, S&N provides hosting of the requisite CETIS server in S&N's data centre. In this way the self-service devices can be connected with a high level of security over an internet connection to the data centre at S&N AG.

This results in significant financial benefits:

  • No investment in server hardware and software
  • No maintenance costs for the server
  • No security problems
  • No investment/infrastructure for data security, monitoring, etc.

This operational option is generally available as an alternative to your own server.

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