Conference Review: Orga/IT for Banks

The ORGA/IT for Banks conference took place in Berlin from 22.05. to 23.05. S&N was represented as an exhibitor at the combined stand "solutions for finance".


Together with Global Format GmbH & Co. KG, S&N presented a joint solution for the optimisation of bank processes in balance sheet analysis to a large audience of industry experts.

The event offered an interesting atmosphere as it was held in a converted former factory in the middle of Berlin. Over two days there were exciting presentations covering the full range of banking processes. The subject areas included cloud computing, data centre security, core banking systems, BPM, and the new ID card.

Speakers from banks of all sizes.

The fascinating presentations were deliberately timed to provide a certain potential for conflict. For example, a presentation about the imperative renovation required of the core banking system by one bank was followed by a speaker from another bank, who explained why the core banking system – now 30 years old - consisting of about 50 million lines of code, will not be replaced in the next few years.

Boedger Media Solutions

The reasoning in both cases was plausible. In the first case, the bank, after a 14-month selection process, has found an IT partner that has offered a targeted solution and it has been included in the budget. In the second case, the bank has brought the results of their evaluation to such a point that: "If we replace the core banking system, we will invest 5 billion and in 5 years with the new system, at best we will be able to do the same as we do today".

Cloud Computing

Another presentation double dealt with the topical subject cloud computing. The first speaker presented many new products and processes that are affordable by using cloud computing and provide the customer with maximum comfort. This was immediately followed by another speaker who brought the participants back to the earth. 

A managing director was able to go into detail about the unacceptable risks, particularly for banks. Examples showing disregard for the requirements of MaRisk and the German Federal Privacy Act quickly showed the limits of these new opportunities. Scattered through the lecture were a number of insider insights into large and very large cloud projects and the reasons why many of these have failed.

Pecha Kucha Lectures

All 14 sponsors of the event also had the opportunity to present a closer look at their own service offering to the assembled audience. To succeed with this marathon task in the available, very limited time, the organisers chose to use the Pecha Kucha presentation format from Japan. In Germany this is still relatively unknown. 

In this format speakers must make their point in exactly 20 slides. Each slide is shown for precisely 20 seconds. This means each presentation lasts exactly 6.40 minutes. For the speakers this tight delivery was a particular challenge. The result was crisp short presentations, which quickly got to the point.

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