Production Management - Impact reduction with targeted alerts

With intelligent alert systems, production management in a global enterprise can be transformed from reactive information management into professional and service-oriented fault management. This means communications overhead and the business impact will be drastically reduced.

When faults occur, an optimised flow of information is ensured by means of a network of relevant information about applications, failure scenarios, impact ratings, and the participating stakeholders. Strategies are rapidly and efficiently implemented by the IT and operations departments.

Product Notification System

Brief and instant information sharing is crucial. Due to their complex dialogues, standardised ticket systems are often not suitable and focus on business impact can only be integrated by means of elaborate customisation. It is just this business aspect that is essential for keeping reputation and/or financial losses low.

When the necessary decision-makers are correctly informed, alternatives can be evaluated and implemented rapidly. In the event of a fault, for example, service-oriented customer service can be maintained at high performance and response times are reduced for internal services. 

Much of the information in the company necessary for targeted alerts in production management is available, but often has to be identified using different tools and databases. S&N AG has created a global customer order notification system comprising the basis data from the organisation, from external service providers and from applications and services in existing systems. This information is continuously synchronised. Based on self-subscription technology, stakeholders, support staff and those responsible for applications and services can register. In this way you define how to include users in the flow of information and for which faults. 


The following core functions are provided:

  • Fast delivery of alerts in case of malfunction or for information purposes
  • Focus on the service impact and the affected stakeholders
  • Reduction of "noise level" in the organisation by signalling "problem under control"
  • Controlled workflow progress, actions and traffic signalling
  • Handling of the requisite data as well as referencing and update of this data based on external systems
  • Management of all service requests to a defined service
  • Management of existing service information about/for the associated service provider and service level agreements

"With this system we were able to reduce requests concerning the restoration of availability in the client organisation to a minimum. All affected areas are continuously updated about the status and progress of the solution. Additional and valuable time is available for the reduction of impact," explains Horst Merschjohann a member of the executive board at S&N AG.

As a standalone Web application, the system supports the complete workflow from the initial creation of an alert to the final conclusion of a malfunction. Focused on rapid processes for notification and information, pre-filled and clear dialogues are provided for users. In addition, the system provides an interaction with the ticket management system, simplifying recording and updating of tickets. With extensive administration and integration interfaces the "production notification system” can be quickly and efficiently installed for impact reduction 

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