S&N SAP Application Management

For S&N, application management in a SAP environment means professional support for our clients throughout the life cycle of the SAP landscape.

The ever growing demands on the operation, performance, as well as the maintenance and availability of SAP systems and applications can only be achieved with efficient support processes and these must be managed "in time".

S&N offers comprehensive ITIL-aligned application management from a single source, enabling smooth managed services that decouple the user from the complex IT environment, and so provide the necessary space for the core business.

What is actually behind S&N’s "SAP Application Management"?

Our specialist certified consultants provide support for SAP projects across the entire value chain, either holistically or in part - depending on client requirements and needs.

SAP Application Management


Our consultants provide support early in the selection and implementation of the SAP system.

It is at this point that the foundations for future efficient operations are defined.


Components of S&N’s SAP Managed Services include implementation and support for fresh installations as well as the implementation of SAP add-on features up to and including the development of individual solutions. Release changes and the installation of upgrades are also included to the extent that compatibility of the interface with possible peripheral systems is secured.


Ever-expanding databases require a continuous proactive monitoring of the entire system. With the coupling of Nagios and SAP Solution Manager the entire IT system can be monitored with one tool – whether, for example, it is monitoring of the number of users on the SAP system or the current I/O load on individual hard drives in the server, optimisations can be planned and implemented.


The administration and management of SAP systems - to support internal IT or for outsourcing the entire SAP environment - is one of the focal points in application management and provides a secure operation tailored to the user. Periodic measures, such as the application of patches, archiving, process and workflow changes as well as configuration of batch routines are structured and performed with process compliance.


In the area of SAP Basis, we offer extensive know-how with SAP R/3 Release 2.2c up to the current Netweaver 7.3. 

S&N is a company that functions independently of any database and operating system and is able to offer support for virtually any platform from AIX with DB2, Windows with MSSQL, Linux with MaxDB as well as Solaris with Oracle. Successful reference projects are available for various migration projects, for example, from Solaris to Linux, HP-UX to AIX, Windows to Linux or Unicode conversion, including upgrading from 4.6c to ERP 6.0 (CUUC). 

Backup or disaster recovery concepts and their implementation are not new for S&N and form part of holistic application management.

Current technologies such as SAP HANA or SAP Solution Manager 7.1 are already part of application portfolio management. Thus, for example SAP add on products or customised solutions that are HANA-compliant can be designed, developed and migrated.

Service Level Agreement

Needs-based managed services with customer-specific performance and time criteria are the basis for S&N’s application management that are jointly set up by the client and S&N using an SLA agreement. Coordinated reports help ensure transparency and assist in making further improvements.

Whether in the banking sector, industry or a retail environment with our many years of experience we aim to ensure that you can make optimal use of your SAP systems.

As a SAP partner, we will always have access to any required additional resources so we are able to provide optimum support.