Optimisation of Service Quality Based on Indicators

Optimierung der Servicequalität

For many years outsourcing, managed services etc. have gone hand-in-hand with the topic of performance indicators (KPI - Key Performance Indicators, SPI - Service Performance Indicators).

Initially focused on monitoring services provided externally, nowadays internal services are also under focus. The emphasis in the use of indicators is on simple monitoring and continuous improvement of service quality. Rather than a fixed key indicator framework for monitoring and ensuring compliance, adjustable frameworks are required in order to improve quality gradually.

On one side there is a pre-defined adjustable framework and target values, on the other hand joint tracking of revisions and re-levelling. In contrast to immovable channelling fixed by contract, this makes it possible to react to on-demand and market developments.

This, meaningfully combined and supplemented with key indicators that are not measuring the provision of services, but rather their retrieval, provides a useful key indicator framework. This framework offers service users and service providers a ready tool for working together toward quality improvements through increased transparency and cyclical readjustment.

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