Transition Management - Orderly transition from project into operations

One component of the application lifecycle services offered by S&N is the operation and management of client solutions using S&N’s or the client's infrastructure. Transition management makes certain in advance that the processes in the operation run smoothly.

The process model for transition management offers a guide as to which activities in the operation are necessary and useful, prior to the adoption of a solution. The assumption here is the transition from project to regular operation, but it can also affect the transfer of operations from one provider to another one. This applies both to the transfer of the available information and the setting up of the framework for the operation.

Vom Projekt zum Betrieb

The five-stage process model offers an efficient and targeted transfer of responsibility for the operation. In terms of quality gates, at the end of each phase, the client and S&N jointly approve the steps for the next phase.

Preparation and planning

During this phase the requirements are recorded and the existing documentation compiled. Based on the experiences of our service and support for the operation, additional information required is identified and activities for the next steps set out. Based on this information, a plan for transition will be created.

Knowledge transfer

Based on existing documentation and with the help of training workshops, orientation and training of employees in the operation and support areas takes place. Knowledge transfer is carried out either by the previous operator or by the project team that created the new solution. In this and the following phase the client is particularly intensely involved.

Shadow Working

With the acquisition of an on-going operation, by means of a period of working in parallel a gradual transfer of the activities occurs. This applies to all areas in the agreed scope of services such as incident and problem management, change and release management, test management, etc. In a new solution, during this phase the project team acts as part of an integrated "early life support" and supports the operation.

Service Transfer

At the beginning of this phase, S&N takes over the leading role in the operation of the solution from the current provider or of the project. All processes run in accordance with the agreed contractual conditions. Support from the previous operator or the project team is only required for queries.

Validation and optimisation

After an agreed period of time a review of the current transition and operation takes place within the framework of a workshop. Areas of optimisation potential are identified and the necessary activities are planned and then implemented. This means that at the completion of this phase the operation is guaranteed to be working according to the previously agreed conditions.  

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