The S&N concept - what we offer

Das S&N-Konzept - Unser Angebot

Always available - always available! Within the framework of application management, S&N offers a differentiated range of services taking into account differing system requirements and service times. 

Besides the standard features of operating system control and monitoring during normal office hours, our team supports our clients even when others are already asleep. Using on-call duties with direct access to technical specialists, we can ensure that should a failure occur systems and applications are available again in the shortest time possible. We are geared up for this and support its implementation using a range of rigorous SLA agreements.

In addition, our teams work on the principle of early detection. Through automated monitoring, in many cases, we can prevent problems and malfunctions in advance by means of proactive action. Instead of an emergency stop at a red traffic light, we provide controlled interventions to ensure optimal and trouble free system operation. 

In their processes our teams work according to ITIL standard practices. Tickets and incident reports are logged via the tracking system and the status monitored. In many projects our clients have access to our ticket system and can see the status of the messages directly. This creates transparency and trust. 

Contact: Hans Jürgen Busch; Turn on Javascript!