Newsletter Edition 41 - September 2012

Successful introduction of the core banking solution CASSIOPAE

GEFA in Wuppertal, which belongs to the international bank group Société Générale, is active in the equipment finance sector, and is a long-standing partner of S&N, replaced its 25-year old core banking system KB-Online with the French core banking system CASSIOPAE, from the vendor of the same name, on the 30.06.2012. The migration of data from the old system was a demanding project that required close cooperation between the employees of GEFA, of the software vendor CASSIOPAE, and of the S&N team. The…[mehr]

Pilot operation of Global Format Web successfully started

The pilot operation of Global Format Web  was successfully started on the 14.08.2012. The Bayerische Landesbank and the Banque LB Lux S.A. were chosen as pilot clients. Global Format GmbH & Co. KG gave the go-ahead for the pilot phase, after the following important findings had been confirmed in the extensive preceding test phases: The modern interface and the new functions such as optimised workflows lead to a significant increase in usability. The web application runs stably. The application’s…[mehr]

Advantages of Business Process Management

A large proportion of the company performance of financial service providers comes from business processes. These processes operate on a cross-hierarchy, cross-domain, and cross-department level and are difficult to manage from the perspective of traditional organisation. At the same time, the company needs to be able to deal with growing and above all changing challenges. Therefore companies often rely on an explicit process management system. Typically, one of the following goals is pursued…[mehr]

Business processes with JBoss

The Business Process Modell and Notation (BPMN) has established itself in recent years as a standard for modelling, development, and automation of business processes. The current Enterprise version of the Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) now supports Version 2.0 of the modelling standard. As well at the orchestration of web services, the priority of the specification language previously supported by JBoss, the Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL), is above all the technical perspective.…[mehr]

Technology in series

IT business solutions should simplify and optimise work processes, or even open up completely new fields of business. For IT solutions to be viable for the future and find wide acceptance among users, the right decisions must be made regarding technology. Yet which technology is the right one? Are the current trends that are reflected in IT buzz words the right technology? Or is it better to rely on what’s been tried and tested? What are the advantages and disadvantages of various technologies?…[mehr]

GWT (Google Web Toolkit) - just another framework?

Many Java developers avoid Javascript – and for good reasons. For one thing, it means dealing with the ins and outs of browser differences, and for another, Javascript makes it easy for developers to make mistakes. It also lacks well-developed tools known and valued from the Java environment. For this reason, in many web frameworks, the business processes and process management take place on the server. Representation on the browser is left to the web framework and a widget library. This has serious…[mehr]

Google for business

Google is focusing more and more on technology and infrastructure providers. At this year’s developer fair Google I/O, the spotlight was on services for companies. We took a closer look at two topics for you. Cloud platform Google arrived late in this field of business and is in competition with service providers like Amazon. The advantages of the cloud are easy to see: one has to set up one’s own IT infrastructure to deal with peaks in demand, which means having additional hardware…[mehr]

Wincor World Preview

Wincor World 2012 – 16th -18th October 2012 - A2 Forum, Rheda-Wiedenbrück  S&N, in collaboration with Wincor Nixdorf, is presenting two current applications scenarios for its cash management product CETIS Cash Handling (CETIS-CH) – the standard product for managing automated cash registered – at Wincor World 2012. The first application scenario is CETIS CH used for cash logistics for motorway services. In this case, CETIS offers an organisation solution that recognises all monetary stocks, reserves,…[mehr]

“dot” business networking fair

The “dot” business networking fair for IT professions took place on the 25th June 2012 in the Paderborn University. At the fair, IT companies from the region and the university’s cooperation partners present their services. The fair is aimed at all interested visitors – from those beginning their studies to university IT graduates. The aim of "dot" was to established initial contacts between students and companies. There was sufficient opportunity for visitors to find out about the exhibiting…[mehr]

J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge also took place this year – admittedly one day later than planned. The Netherlands vs. Germany European championship football game meant the company race “had” to be moved from the traditional Wednesday to Thursday. S&N AG was at the start with eight colleagues from Paderborn and Frankfurt. Together with the 68,586 other participants from 2,761 companies, we were able to enjoy the race, because the format and weather were just right. Thanks to the perfect organisation,…[mehr]