Pilot operation of Global Format Web successfully started


The pilot operation of Global Format Web  was successfully started on the 14.08.2012.

The Bayerische Landesbank and the Banque LB Lux S.A. were chosen as pilot clients.

Global Format GmbH & Co. KG gave the go-ahead for the pilot phase, after the following important findings had been confirmed in the extensive preceding test phases:

  • The modern interface and the new functions such as optimised workflows lead to a significant increase in usability.
  • The web application runs stably.
  • The application’s responsiveness gave no cause for criticism at any time.

After these important milestones had been successfully overcome, S&N began the realisation of the first Global Format Web follow-up release, which will be available in November this year. Users can thus look forward to numerous functional and technical extensions, such as new consolidation functions and new import options for externally stored balance sheets.

Contact: Claus Hoffmann; Turn on Javascript!