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Wincor World 2012

Wincor World 2012 – 16th -18th October 2012 - A2 Forum, Rheda-Wiedenbrück 

S&N, in collaboration with Wincor Nixdorf, is presenting two current applications scenarios for its cash management product CETIS Cash Handling (CETIS-CH) – the standard product for managing automated cash registered – at Wincor World 2012.

The first application scenario is CETIS CH used for cash logistics for motorway services. In this case, CETIS offers an organisation solution that recognises all monetary stocks, reserves, and cash flows as the key elements and offers those involved a customised overview of the information that’s relevant for them.

The second application scenario can be seen in automated cash delivery with CETIS CH in transport and logistics companies. In companies in the transport and logistics sector, large quantities of cash are collected by employees in field service every day, for example by guards in railroad companies, drivers and controllers in public transport or by delivery drivers working for parcel services, forwarding agencies, or the postal service. Using CETIS offers both the possibility of competent cash delivery with integrated accounting as well as secure safekeeping of the money delivered.

As an SB application, CETIS-CH offers a solution that makes consistent use of the whole hardware spectrum, from small automated cash safes to very large self-service systems. You can find us in the “New Industries & Transportation” area. We look forward to your visit.

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