Newsletter Edition 42 - December 2012

The "Electronic Credit File"

The "Electronic Credit File" project was undertaken by S&N for a large German bank to find a practical way to eliminate paper files for customers in branch offices and individual departments and replace them with electronic files to allow credit decision within 24 hours.   Before the project, each step in the process required paper documentation: First, loan documents were copied in the branch office. One copy went into the branch's filing cabinets and another was forwarded to the loan processing…[mehr]

Electronic Document Storage

The technical steps required to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements for document storage and destruction can be manifold. Establishing intelligent document housekeeping is one of these steps. It must be able to recognise professionally finished documents and consider changes to archiving deadlines made between the time the documents were archived and eventually destroyed. In addition, such a system must allow regular coordination between the customer management system and the archive,…[mehr]

Workflow in the Credit Decision Process – Challenges and Solutions with CAS

The credit decision process is quite complex and usually varies significantly from one company to another. There are a number of barriers set by the regulatory environment and they can appear everywhere. The concrete workflow is influenced by the particular requirements and is never 1:1 transferable between customers. The core workflow can be sketched out as follows: This is still relatively simple to present and easily modelled in a software application. But as you add other mandatory conditions…[mehr]

Basel III for Financial Institutions – the monitoring period begins...

The financial crisis has led to significant changes in funding strategies and comprehensive reform of bank oversight. What changes have been made in German law and what do the tighter liquidity rules mean for financial institutions? The necessary legislation is supposed to be in place in all G20 member states by the end of 2012. For EU, the European Commission published the EU Regulation "Capital Requirements Regulation" (CCR-E) and the EU Directive "Capital Requirements Directive" (CRD IV-E)…[mehr]

Requirements for IT

One of the biggest challenges for financial institutions in the next three years is to implement the regulatory requirements. Basel III, CRD IV, SEPA, MiFID II and FATCA are creating immediate pressure to act. These new requirements require a new level of detail and flexible grouping of customer portfolios compared to previous changes in banking regulations. Almost all IT systems are affected by these changes. A comprehensive knowledge of business processes and a technical overview of existing…[mehr]

Looking Back at the Business Lunch Presentation

S & N has been a member of "Solutions for Finance" for a long time. On 25 October 2012, we made a lunchtime presentation in Berlin on "Output Management as a Service" as a practical example of providing a comprehensive solution for customer needs of today and tomorrow. The presentation covered the following: In the banking industry, a number of client documents are made available to customers either by post, statement printers or electronically. The high demands placed on document production come…[mehr]

Looking Back at Wincor World

This year's Wincor World took place from 16–18 October in the A2 Forum in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. The fair was very well attended and the new location was equally well received by visitors and exhibitors. Together with Wincor Nixdorf, S&N presented two current usage scenarios of CETIS Cash Handling (CETIS-CH), its standard product for managing automated cash checkouts. In the first scenario, CETI-CH was shown being used for cash logistics at an Autobahn service area. CETI offers an organisational solution…[mehr]