Looking Back at the Business Lunch Presentation

Business Lunch

S & N has been a member of "Solutions for Finance" for a long time. On 25 October 2012, we made a lunchtime presentation in Berlin on "Output Management as a Service" as a practical example of providing a comprehensive solution for customer needs of today and tomorrow.

The presentation covered the following: In the banking industry, a number of client documents are made available to customers either by post, statement printers or electronically. The high demands placed on document production come on the one hand from the high volume and on the other hand from a desire to present the documents in a uniform manner across different banking applications (print, branch, statement printers...).

Existing output management solutions have different user interface designs, individual options for additions, interfaces for the integration of operational data and the migration of existing documents. Do these central output management solutions meet the needs and wishes of clients, both private and business, while meeting the mandatory rules and regulations?

A look at the value creation network shows how the individual potential of all partners can be used to create immediate benefits for customer correspondence in various areas.

Contact: Horst Merschjohann; Turn on Javascript!