Looking Back at Wincor World

This year's Wincor World took place from 16–18 October in the A2 Forum in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. The fair was very well attended and the new location was equally well received by visitors and exhibitors. Together with Wincor Nixdorf, S&N presented two current usage scenarios of CETIS Cash Handling (CETIS-CH), its standard product for managing automated cash checkouts.

Wincor World

In the first scenario, CETI-CH was shown being used for cash logistics at an Autobahn service area. CETI offers an organisational solution that can trace the movement of cash and can offer customized views of the relevant information.

The second scenario showed automated cash delivery with CETI CH at transport and logistics companies, where large amounts of cash are received by field staff on a daily basis. The use of CETI offers both the possibility of qualified cash delivery with integrated billing and safe-keeping of the money received.

CETI-CH is a solution that provides a uniform mode of operation across the entire spectrum of hardware, from the small checkout to a very large self-service system as a self-service application.

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