Newsletter Edition 43 - May 2013

Mobile Device Management as a Service

German equipment financing firm GEFA Gesellschaft für Absatzfinanzierung mbH (Société Générale Equipment Finance in Germany) has put a new mobile device management (MDM) system into operation to integrate mobile devices into their company's infrastructure. This MDM system ensures that employees are able to access current information and documents at any time and place while on the move. The Project Requirements Approximately 100 Apple iPads are to be connected to a management system that…[mehr]

Secure Connection of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets were originally conceived for private use without the security enhancements required for corporate use. This has been rectified in some aspects, but it remains a good idea to add additional layers of encryption to sensitive data on these devices or not to store critical data on these devices in the first place. Private versus Corporate-Owned Devices As described in the previous article "Mobile Device Management as a Service", there are ways…[mehr]

Modelling of Business Processes and Continuous Integration at the University of Paderborn

Continuous integration and modelling business processes with JBoss BRMS were the focus of a recent event at the University of Paderborn. This event was organised by JBugOWL, a JBoss community group, the initiative Industrie trifft Informatik, and Red Hat, the leading provider of middleware.  Heiko Nowack, co-founder of JBugOWL and part of the S&N AG team, welcomed participants and gave the floor to Armin Vogt (S&N), who gave a fascinating lecture on "Continuous Integration and Endless Application…[mehr]

Continuous Integration Still Not Established

What is continuous integration (CI)?   CI is a tool-supported process which checks the source code to automatically compile and install the complete solution onto a system. Tests check whether the system is functioning properly. Errors will immediately reveal problems not detected in the development phase. What sets projects apart that have adopted a CI process?   These projects benefit from an additional virtual team member—the build server. This builds and automatically integrates…[mehr]

S&N and JBoss

S&N and RedHat have been partners in the middleware sector, better known as JBoss, since 2006. During this time, Red Hat has significantly expanded its range of products. This now includes a set of platforms for the operation of mission critical applications. The enterprise application platform (EAP) with JEE6-certified JBoss Application Server provides a solid foundation for: JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform JBoss Enterprise BRMS JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform JBoss Data Services Platform Heterogeneous…[mehr]

Web Device Controller: a Product with a Success Story!

If we look back, it all started more than six years ago. A major bank needed a solution to bring the control of peripheral devices to a quasi-standardized platform. Cost and risk minimization were the budgetary requirements; flexibility, security, and hardware independence were the technical requirements for this job. The first peripheral we worked on was the automated cash drawer (known as AKT) which was to be hardware-independent and separately controllable from the teller's switch.  This interesting…[mehr]

Apprenticeships at S&N

S&N considers apprenticeship training a special responsibility. Our apprentices are intensively promoted and supported. S&N is proud that our apprentices have repeatedly had very good final results and have become outstanding professionals for the company. In autumn 2012, S&N added two apprentices in the field of system integration and application development, as well as a student in the dual degree programme in business administration. At the beginning of the year, we recruited another four young…[mehr]

S&N Team Repeat Central European Champion in the First Lego League

In Obrigheim (east of Heidelberg), the Central European final of the First Lego League was held. 24 of a total of 740 teams from eight countries qualified for the final. This included the S&N team Epunkt e. from Paderborn, which had taken first place in the regional competition at the Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn and the Central Europe semi-finals in Brandenburg. With the victory in teamwork, a second-place finish in the Robot Game and a fifth and seventh place in the categories of research…[mehr]

Schloß Neuhaus School Visits S&N

The computer science students at Schloß Neuhaus School have visited S&N for the seventh year in a row. The students were shown typical tasks in IT careers as well as the necessary qualifications. Using the example of a current project, the students were shown how new business ideas develop. Subsequently, three business informatics students at the FHDW discussed what it's like to pursue a dual degree with the support of S&N. The students also got some insight into the hardware side by learning…[mehr]