Apprenticeships at S&N

S&N considers apprenticeship training a special responsibility. Our apprentices are intensively promoted and supported. S&N is proud that our apprentices have repeatedly had very good final results and have become outstanding professionals for the company.

In autumn 2012, S&N added two apprentices in the field of system integration and application development, as well as a student in the dual degree programme in business administration. At the beginning of the year, we recruited another four young people completing their dual degree programmes in business informatics for practicums in the company. But that's not all. To continue this successful path, we are adding another four trainees in September who will be starting their apprenticeship in application development with a parallel bachelor's degree in business.

This means that S&N will have a total of 21 young people being trained at one time. We look forward to these additions to our team and to working together to meet the challenges.

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