S&N Team Repeat Central European Champion in the First Lego League

In Obrigheim (east of Heidelberg), the Central European final of the First Lego League was held. 24 of a total of 740 teams from eight countries qualified for the final. This included the S&N team Epunkt e. from Paderborn, which had taken first place in the regional competition at the Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn and the Central Europe semi-finals in Brandenburg.

With the victory in teamwork, a second-place finish in the Robot Game and a fifth and seventh place in the categories of research presentation and robot design, Epunkt e was able to eke out a win just ahead of the teams SAP ReMovers (Germany) and mindfactory (Switzerland) and was crowned Champion of Central Europe. The eight girls and boys have once again earned their spot in the World Championships in St. Louis from 24–27 April 2013. The best 80 of some 20,500 teams from over 60 countries will compete for the world championship title. Last year, Epunkt e. won a prize for mechanical design. "We never thought we'd have the opportunity to fly to the US for a second year in a row—no team has ever done that before," team member Verena says. As the German national anthem was played for the team, the tension broke and we saw some tears of joy in the eyes of the young people.

On the first day of competition, victory did not seem assured due to the sudden illness of a boy requiring the research presentation to be reassigned. Fortunately, all were able to participate in the presentation the next day.

Zentraleuropa, Finale in Obrigheim

Epunkt e. may also participate in the Open European Championship. The remarkable thing is that this event will be held in May in Paderborn in HNF. 54 teams mainly from Europe but also from America and Asia will travel to Epunkt e.'s hometown. To be the home team at such an event will be an unusual experience for the kids.

Epunkt e. celebrating its first-place finish (from the left): Anna Hunstig (12), Lars Wortmeier (15), Judith Löcke (12), Miriam Löcke (15), David Löcke (17), Julian Schlangenotto (12), Verena Hunstig (14), Lukas Arenhövel (13)

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