S&N and JBoss


S&N and RedHat have been partners in the middleware sector, better known as JBoss, since 2006. During this time, Red Hat has significantly expanded its range of products. This now includes a set of platforms for the operation of mission critical applications.

The enterprise application platform (EAP) with JEE6-certified JBoss Application Server provides a solid foundation for:

  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform
  • JBoss Enterprise BRMS
  • JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
  • JBoss Data Services Platform

Heterogeneous enterprise data can be compressed into a logical view as data services and provided performantly to applications.

RedHat has also been investing in providing development tools (JBoss Developer Studio 6) and operating tools (JBoss Operation Network).

Technical services, such as a high-performance messaging system (MRG) and a distributed in-memory data store (JBoss Data Grid) demand competent assessment and embedding into existing architecture.


S&N develops client-specific solutions to adapt the strength and sophistication of RedHat products for their own requirements. We offer the entire application life-cycle from analysis and creation to operation and detachment.

The support provided by S&N starts well before development and does not stop with the delivery of the solution. Our specialists can design innovative technical solutions that match the requirements of any business domain. In addition to our focussed expertise on individual JBoss products and technologies, the S&N team places special emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation among departments, development, quality assurance and operation.


S&N provides application development and application service from a single source and supports customers in setting up processes across the life cycle. A consistent business orientation increases the value of an already productive application by adapting to changing business requirements. S&N AG provides its customers with all-round consultancy services and support in implementing life-cycle management solutions.

Our Services in Detail

JBoss Consulting

S&N's JBoss consulting can be adapted to your needs. We provide support in the form of workshops, on-site support for your team or by creating the required documentation and analyses. Our services include design, reviews and, of course, realisation of your project to the last bit. Our team is made up of technology experts in various fields.

JBoss Projects

S&N implements professional projects based on JBoss products in mission-critical environments. Support can be offered on-site or by project teams in S&N's offices. We will work with your infrastructure or use our own production systems. Fees can be set up on a fixed-price or hourly basis or we can set up flexible models such as software as a service (SaaS). In addition to long-term contracts, we also offer an agile project approach with simple change request procedures in close consultation with you.

JBoss Migrations

Major release changes such as upgrading your version of JBoss or switching from JEE servers from other manufacturers to JBoss platforms always require adjustments to software, configurations and deployment processes. S&N offers consultation on these issues and will perform the migrations for you, if you like. Our experiences from a variety of projects are used to continuously improve what we have come to value as the best practices in migration. Regression, load and performance tests support the quality control of the migrated applications and prevent unpleasant surprises when the migrated application goes live.

JBoss Support

RedHat JBoss Subscription Support provides answers to questions that may arise during operation or in application development. S&N supplements this with its own operating team for application control and preliminary fault analysis which is required before submitting requests to RedHat. We close this gap and make sure that all things JBoss are taken care of from start to finish. We see the JBoss platform, the underlying infrastructure and the applications it operates as a whole. The most important element is end-to-end monitoring of the entire application infrastructure so that we can meet issues as they emerge and perform root cause analyses if the system fails. Standard operating services such as application deployment and configuration management, applying patches and security updates as well as reporting are important factors for making what's going on with your system transparent to you. The system can be hosted on your servers, in the S&N data centre or in another provider's data centre.

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