Modelling of Business Processes and Continuous Integration at the University of Paderborn


Continuous integration and modelling business processes with JBoss BRMS were the focus of a recent event at the University of Paderborn. This event was organised by JBugOWL, a JBoss community group, the initiative Industrie trifft Informatik, and Red Hat, the leading provider of middleware. 

Heiko Nowack, co-founder of JBugOWL and part of the S&N AG team, welcomed participants and gave the floor to Armin Vogt (S&N), who gave a fascinating lecture on "Continuous Integration and Endless Application Lifecycle". Many interesting questions were asked by the audience, especially on the issue of unit testing, and discussions continued well into the subsequent break in the conference.

The highlight of the event was the presentation by Eric Schabell of Red Hat on "Rules Management with JBoss BRMS" (Business Rules Management System). Demonstrating with clear examples, Schabell showed how the software works and the specifics of modelling business processes. 

JBug OWL invites all interested parties to join them at their regular JBoss gatherings. For more information, please visit:

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