Newsletter Edition 44 - July 2013

Balance sheets from the cloud

A company’s performance can be compared to benchmarks extracted from a database of similar companies which the BARS system has access to. Analysts use this feature to detect more efficiently discrepancies in a particular company’s finances when compared to the industry norm, such as for example abnormally low liquidity or a strongly divergent equity ratio. Consultants can then advise their clients of these discrepancies, discuss their causes and, if necessary, plan corrective measures. But same-sector…[mehr]

Federal Gazette Publisher and S&N together at the Structured Finance 2013

The Structured Finance sees itself as the leading event for corporate finance and structured finance products in Germany. This claim has been strongly buttressed by the participation of more than 1,200 decision-makers from the financial industry last year. On 5 and 6 November, S&N will participate in cooperation with the Federal Gazette Publisher as an exhibitor at the event. This year, S&N will showcase the balance sheet data pool of the Federal Gazette. Via a service developed by S&N, the balance…[mehr]

The BIK Report

Detailed analysis of the balance sheets of the Federal Gazette All corporations in Germany are required to submit their annual financial statements to the Federal Gazette. The financial statements are then uniformly processed and promptly published by the Federal Gazette. Each year over a million financial statements are disclosed. In cooperation with the data service of the Federal Gazette Publisher, S&N AG provides the option of making these financial statements immediately available to the balance…[mehr]

The Diversity of Clouds

You want services provided dynamically according to your needs and usage-based billing? Cloud services offer these advantages. But the issue is often clouded by the sheer variety of offers. What's behind all this, and don't all variants ultimately offer ‘just’ services? The diversity of clouds can be broken down into two categories. The first is characterized by location and answers the question of where the cloud is situated and to whom it is accessible. Here, the three traditional alternatives…[mehr]

Output Management as a Service at RSB Bank

In 2012, the shareholders of RSB Retail+Service Bank GmbH carried out a capital increase to enable the expansion of their centralized settlement business. At the same time, investments were made in the technical implementation of central settlement to offer customers and business partners, efficient, flexible and modern solutions. For more than 60 years, the provision of central settlement services for traders and suppliers of trade associations has been one of core competences of RSB-Bank GmbH.…[mehr]

Incentives for Innovation

The longstanding successful cooperation of S&N with s-lab (Software Quality Lab) at the University of Paderborn has now resulted in a project and product idea worthy of financing, which, alongside theoretical knowledge, will lead to practical solutions in cloud computing marketing. The partners, s-lab and S&N, are receiving financial support from the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, which targets SMEs in particular. In a ceremony…[mehr]

ZIM Project AACC

The project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology from the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) deals with the transfer of application software components to the cloud.  The aim is to develop tools that allow the conversion of application software to meet the requirements of a cloud environment. The project, which is carried out at the University of Paderborn in cooperation with the s-lab (Software Quality Lab), follows a model-driven approach, i.e. essential characteristics…[mehr]

Review JAX 2013

3 days, 200 lectures, over 2000 visitors: Once a year, Java developers converge at the JAX in Mainz. Renowned speakers talk about technologies and current industry trends. Three days of concentrated information. We at S&N like to use this mix of latest information and exchange with like-minded people to stay up-to-date with technology. Innovation and change At JAX a spirit of optimism and euphoria was felt everywhere. Software is what makes the difference and enables new business models. Mirko…[mehr]

Software Innovation Campus Paderborn

In close collaboration with the University of Paderborn and numerous well-known IT companies in the region, as part of a joint positioning to the BMFT programme "New tools and programs to promote innovation", the idea of setting up a Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP) was born. The concepts for cooperative processing of strategically relevant research and innovation issues in information technology, developed with a view to the Research Campus competition, are the basis for a long-term project-oriented…[mehr]

S&N Meets Facebook

This new medium for us will reveal the 'social' side of S&N. In our company, this presence naturally raises new and unfamiliar questions. What do we want to post? How often is too often? Are the issues we find exciting also interesting to you? Find us at: We look forward to your recommendations and ‘likes’. Your ideas and opinions will help us further improve our Facebook presence! We are eager to receive your feedback. The S&N Team[mehr]