Incentives for Innovation

The longstanding successful cooperation of S&N with s-lab (Software Quality Lab) at the University of Paderborn has now resulted in a project and product idea worthy of financing, which, alongside theoretical knowledge, will lead to practical solutions in cloud computing marketing. The partners, s-lab and S&N, are receiving financial support from the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, which targets SMEs in particular.

In a ceremony attended by the Bundestag member Carsten Linnemann and about 100 guests, the notification of award was handed over by Uwe Sukowski from the competent ministry department to the cooperation partners from science and industry.

The fact that s-lab and S&N were able to receive additionally the certificate for the 100th ZIM project in the Zukunftsmeile ('Future Mile') in Paderborn is without doubt a success of the technology network InnoZent OWL, whixh brings together innovative companies and research institutes and supports them in the implementation of their ideas. 

For the project partners s-lab and S&N, it is all a matter now of turning cloud computing ideas into concrete results. The following article will describe in detail what stands behind the project 'ZIM project AACC'.

Contact: Hans Jürgen Busch; Turn on Javascript!