Output Management as a Service at RSB Bank

In 2012, the shareholders of RSB Retail+Service Bank GmbH carried out a capital increase to enable the expansion of their centralized settlement business. At the same time, investments were made in the technical implementation of central settlement to offer customers and business partners, efficient, flexible and modern solutions.

For more than 60 years, the provision of central settlement services for traders and suppliers of trade associations has been one of core competences of RSB-Bank GmbH. As a central settlement bank, the RSB Bank connects retail and wholesale traders with contractual suppliers via a centralized receipt and payment processing system, the hedging of risks, credit checks and additional services. 

For the renewal of the central technical IT platform, the SAP systems were completely renovated and upgraded. Through intensive cooperation of the department with SAP integrators, the requirements of the central settlement system system could be implemented with the SAP systems Agency and FI.


An important element of central settlement services is the periodic compiling of invoices, credit notes and payments. Upon request, the customer can receive the documents by postal mail or retrieve them online via an invoice portal. Also, RSB Bank offers their associations and organizations further services such as the processing of supplements.

Whereas the RSB Bank had printed and processed customers documents and correspondence on their own printers before, now it wished to introduce a flexible output management solution as part of the overhaul of its settlement business. Starting from the data supply by the RSB bank, the new solution was to take over all steps of layout design, formatting, advertising control, and post-delivery.

The requirements for the individual process steps were recorded in detail, then evaluated and prioritized according to the needs of RSB. The following graphic shows some of the requirements.

Partner Selection for Output Management Services of the bank


A clear picture of the requirements formed the basis for finding an appropriate solution and suitable partners for the provision of ouptut management services. After several evaluations, discussions and on-site visits, S&N could provide a solution for RSB Bank based on a value-added network that combines the advantages of all partners. S&N offers this integrated solution as 'Output Management as a Service'. It is based on the flexible product docFamily by Assentis Technologies and the products of a printing, enveloping and delivery service.

The product docFamily

DocFamily is a fully integrated software solution to design, create and publish personalized and dynamically generated business documents. This software family consists of components for developing and testing templates, as well as for the runtime environment and operation. 

A central Repository DocRepo takes over the management of document templates, graphics and text components, ensuring the traceability of each version used.

DocWrite is a web application that allows customers to independently create and customize forms.

With Assentis Technologies AG, S&N has gained a partner that ideally expands its service portfolio with a full range of products from the area 'Business Documents'. The Switzerland-based company develops software for the creation and optimization of interactive forms and mass documents for private and business customers. Depending on the business process, it provides users with new ways for the creation of customized documents, thus enabling them to continuously improve their collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers.

The integration project and its challenges 

The implementation and the objectives were clear from the start. The first step was to connect the existing forms to the new SAP system. For this, the necessary and variable fields in the documents had to be identified and filled with the values supplied by the SAP system.  


But precisely here a number of challenges had to be overcome.

The standard SAP agency system was heavily customized for the requirements of RSB. These adjustments required some careful consideration in order to extract all the data necessary for the processing of credit notes, invoices and reminders. After appropriate transformations, the data are passed as an XML structure to the input interface of the Output Management System. 

Very early, the layout of the documents could be created and accepted by the customer. Here, in particular, the flexibility of the layout editor of docFamily was evident. It can be controlled via a standard browser and is designed for direct use by customers. All used forms, graphics and text blocks are stored in a central repository and processed and released via a defined workflow. 


The job management for formatting, the document preview and the release for printing and dispatch, is controlled by the RSB via a browser interface. No software installation is required for the entire system.

The whole service is offered on a 'private cloud'. This technology is based on a virtualized server environment of an Apache / Tomcat Application Server on Linux and WebDav file system for file sharing.

Full operation with data delivery from the SAP system, transformation, processing in OMS with docFamily, document review and subsequent forwarding for printing, enveloping and delivery was successfully started in mid-May. So far, the system has processed about 10,000 pages at the three planned periodic printing dates. 

"With this solution, our goals of a usage-based pricing model, entry with small quantities and flexible scaling with simultaneous full range of services for operation and integration, could be achieved in full. The system provides the basis for an expanded service offer of RSB Bank," says Mike Ebert – EDP/IT organization of RSB Bank.

In a second stage, the system can be expanded and more documents and supplement management can be included. 

Have we piqued your interest? The S&N will be happy to create a combined software and service package for document composition, taking into special account your needs and goals. Just talk to us.

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