Review JAX 2013

JAX 2013 - Mecca of German software developers


3 days, 200 lectures, over 2000 visitors: Once a year, Java developers converge at the JAX in Mainz. Renowned speakers talk about technologies and current industry trends. Three days of concentrated information. We at S&N like to use this mix of latest information and exchange with like-minded people to stay up-to-date with technology.

Innovation and change

At JAX a spirit of optimism and euphoria was felt everywhere. Software is what makes the difference and enables new business models. Mirko Novakovics Keynote "Software is eating the world" deals with software startups that change industries. Sectors which we usually do not link to software. For example, the accommodation industry or the taxi industry. 

Software companies are changing all industries. This is especially true for the software industry itself: We are experiencing an unprecedented level of change that gives software companies countless opportunities, but also pressures us to change ourselves. Drivers of these changes are progressive networking, HTML5 and mobile devices, as well as lower costs. Software startups can start with minimal investment, since the entire infrastructure can be rented.

  • Free, low-cost open source platforms.
  • Cheap and available on-demand computing resources such as Amazon EC2
  • Business infrastructure in the cloud (Google Docs, Salesforce, Github)

Shorter development cycles

Continuous Delivery, continuous improvement and delivery of an application is a trend that was discussed in numerous sessions at JAX. 

Since client distribution is not required in Web applications, it is much easier to roll out new software. Thus applications can be continuously improved. New functions are available to users as soon as they are ready. Developers can respond quickly to requirements. Classical release cycles no longer exist.

Continuous Delivery is in particular quality management. Because quality management must be performed continuously and automatically. 

The tasks also change for operation because software installations are the norm and must take place quickly and efficiently, without interruptions. 

DevOps is one of the answers to the challenges of Continuous Delivery. DevOps means to summarize the responsibility for the development, quality assurance and operations in a team. This shared responsibility raises awareness of the overall system.


Aside from technical issues, Continuous Delivery and DevOps have the greatest relevance to S&N because they allow us to work in even closer integration with our customers than we already do.

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