Newsletter Edition 45 - October 2013

Global Format and S&N agree on marketing cooperation

As a provider of solutions for financial statement analysis, Global Format GmbH & Co. KG has successfully established itself on the market with the Global Format solution since 2005. Until recently, Global Format was only available as a so-called rich client, which means that the application had to be installed on the individual users' workstations.   Global Format became available as a web-based solution in mid-2012. Global Format Web is not only a technical innovation, but also a successful…[mehr]

S&N intensifies cooperation with research and teaching

Dr Klaus Schröder assumes responsibility for university cooperation S&N has been involved in an intensive collaboration with the University of Paderborn, its Software Quality Lab and other academic institutions for many years with great success. In addition to the technological aspects of the projects we collaborate on, the contact and exchange with academic research is especially important to us. The results can be seen in our ability to recruit especially competent new team members as well as…[mehr]

Big Data

Big data refers to data sets that stand out on three criteria, all beginning with the letter V: Volume: large amounts of data Variety: different, often unstructured data formats from different sources Velocity: tight time requirements for data analysis. Unused Data Big data analyses are often based on sources such as social media and mobile apps. But even in-house data contains a wealth of information that conventional techniques have not previously been able to sort out. An example would…[mehr]

Data-Driven Prevention of Customer Loss

Long-term, profitable customer relationships are one of the pillars of a successful business. Given the high cost of acquiring new customers, securing existing customer relationships is an important challenge that is not easy to deal with. Given the levels of market saturation, the battle for new customers ready to change providers is stronger than ever. Special offers for switching providers, combined with special conditions and bonuses for new customers, test the loyalty even of customers not particularly…[mehr]

CETIS Backoffice Cash Station gets cash handling under control

Sectors and industries with high proportions of cash transactions are increasingly shifting from manual cash drawers to automated cash handling and POS systems. The traditional cash office with labour-intensive cash handling is increasingly being replaced with so-called cash recycling systems, cash handling solutions that are precisely adapted to the user's processes and procedures and that offer more security while running in the background and significantly reducing the labour and time required.…[mehr]

insTRA 4.0 Add-On Certified by SAP

Consistent compliance with the high standards of SAP in both its programming and qualitative handling of technical subjects has helped the latest version of insTRA 4.0 by S&N to continue to receive SAP certification. Certification as an SAP add-on requires the product to be developed in its own namespace and with an ABAP development license. The add-on has to be packaged and delivered with the SAP Add-On Assembly Kit (AAK) and must also come with a comprehensive technical profile as well as a customisation…[mehr]

SAP Add-On contract@insTRA for Contract Management

Keeping track of every contract can be time-consuming, especially if still done manually. Efficient contract management requires a powerful software solution such as contract@insTRA by S&N, which offers everything needed for centralised, efficient management of your contracts. Why contract@insTRA by S&N? Most companies still store their contracts in hard copy in file folders or binders. The related data, documents and correspondence are often found on different computers and were created with different…[mehr]

From Outlook direct into the SAP archive

As an SAP user, you've certainly come upon the following situation: one of your customers sends you important information such as a purchase order by email. It would, of course, be extremely convenient to be able to copy this information directly from Outlook to the corresponding order in the SAP archive. The standard SAP solution would be for you first to save the files locally, then upload them to archive via the SAP GUI using the "Services for Object" in the appropriate order. This is as old-fashioned,…[mehr]

Banking Industry Conference "Bank & Zukunft 2013"

On the first day, talks, theories, solutions and concepts about the digitalisation of banking were presented and explained. Social media was a recurring thread through the presentations. The broad field of applications were presented to an excited and forward-looking audience, starting from social business and social media, moving on to consumer behaviour in wake of the digital transformation, digital corporate communications internally and externally, and finally to specific aspects of the business,…[mehr]

From "GIT in practice" to "Red Hat subscription model"

On 10 October 2013, JBug OWL started the next round with an evening workshop on "GIT in practice." GIT is free software for version management of files.  The participants were given the latest news from the Red Hat EMEA Partner Summit in Madrid. The GIT workshop then followed with tips and discussions about putting GIT into practice. Finally, the participants learned more about the current Red Hat subscription model and the benefits of a subscription. The evening ended with a light snack and some…[mehr]

News from our Apprenticeship Programme

Three new young apprentices started their training with us on 1 September. These are:  Johanna Neumann, training as an IT specialist Luke Bergemann, training as an IT specialist with academic degree Nico Fröhlich, training as an IT specialist with academic degree All three passed their qualifying examinations for admission to university with flying colours this past spring and are looking forward to their apprenticeship, learning many new things and working with our team. We…[mehr]